Assistive devices: A multiple sclerosis chair makes life easier

People with multiple sclerosis may have varying degrees of disability depending on how the condition affects the individual. Multiple sclerosis is often associated with numerous daily challenges both at home and at work.

Cutting vegetables in a VELA-chair

Benefits of a multiple sclerosis chair: Assistive devices from VELA

A multiple sclerosis chair comes in several different forms, and our consultants will be happy to help you find the assistive device that best suits the challenges you face in your everyday life.

Life with multiple sclerosis requires an aid that can accommodate life with both good and bad days, as these often define what you can do on that particular day. Therefore, a VELA chair has these benefits:

Seated mobility

Greater security

Easy operation

Comfort and support

Living with multiple sclerosis

How sclerosis develops varies greatly depending on the individual. Multiple sclerosis most often manifests itself in the form of attacks that change the way the body functions in a split second. Unfortunately, it is on an individual basis, making it almost impossible to predict how or how frequently these attacks will occur.

Therefore, VELA chairs allow you to meet the challenges you have living with multiple sclerosis and adapt to future challenges that may come over time.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Personal stories – living with multiple sclerosis

Ability to work despite having a disability due to a VELA chair

Alisson’s story

Now, I find that I am much less tired. Before I had my VELA work chair, my husband and I took 15-20 minutes to move me from the office chair and onto my scooter to get home at the end of the day. Now, it only takes a moment because I have a lot more energy.
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Cooking dinner using a VELA chair

Kenneth’s story

Previously, I couldn’t help with making dinner while standing up, especially by the stove. I needed something to hold onto because you never know when you are going to fall. I cook and stir the pot now because I can use both of my hands.
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VELA Tango chair for kitchen activities

Patrick’s story

I can’t stand up and talk to someone for more than a few minutes. If you haven’t experienced challenges with balance yourself, it’s really hard to comprehend how much it dominates everyday life.
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Assisted living when living with multiple sclerosis: VELA chairs offer increased mobility

When mobility fails you, and the body does not always do as you want it to, you can become more dependent on the help of others. A multiple sclerosis chair provides assisted living and increases your mobility and independence so you can do as much as possible yourself. Among other things, the chair has smooth-running wheels, meaning that you can “walk” or push the chair around. 

With an electric lift chair, you can change the seat height with a touch of a button. You can therefore reach the lower cupboards and the upper shelves easily and without any help from others. 

A mobility chair with wheels from VELA is easy to operate and reduces the risk of pain, which provides greater safety and increased comfort.

Greater security and stability

Safety and security are the alpha and omega in life with multiple sclerosis, as many people suddenly experience fatigue, dizziness or problems balancing. That is why our chairs come with an efficient central brake that provides stability and safety when you move. 

If your balance fails you, the chair can help, e.g. when you need to move from your bed to the chair or from the chair to a sofa. 

The chair has armrests that offer additional stability, safety and support when moving – and the armrests help you feel more secure when you sit down.

Living with multiple sclerosis calls for comfort

You can easily adjust both the seat and backrest on a VELA chair. In that way, you get support where and when you need it and the opportunity to relax and find a comfortable sitting position. 

In addition, it is possible to get seats and backrests with different types of foam to suit your needs and relieve any pain you might feel. 

If you have problems keeping your balance while sitting or tire quickly, you can choose a multiple sclerosis chair with a high back and built-in side supports. 

It is also possible to get a headrest to help maintain your sitting position and allow for relaxation. 

Comfort is essential when living with multiple sclerosis.

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Why easy operation is beneficial

Multiple sclerosis comes in many guises and is unpredictable. Therefore, it is crucial to have an assistive device, such as an office chair with brake and electric lift, with easy operation that meets current and future challenges. 

A chair with electric height adjustment does not require much effort, and you can easily adjust the chair’s height without getting up. 

It is also possible to add easy-to-use switches and large angled handles to your chair if you have reduced strength in your hands and fingers.

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