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Our most popular model, the VELA Chair for adults. Thanks to its user-friendly design, this chair will enable you perform daily activities with renewed comfort and accessibility.

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Office Chair with a Brake

At first glance, it looks like an office chair with a brake. That’s true! However, the VELA chair is much more than that: electric height adjustment, stable armrests, and 4 instead of 5 wheels make a big difference.

More than an office chair

Sit to Stand with One Click

Save the valuable energy required to get up from a chair. With just a single push of a button, you can go from sitting to standing – effortlessly and without dizziness or tired legs.

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Prevent Falls at Home

Activities in a standing position are associated with a risk of falling. Reduce your risk of falling by performing your activities while sitting. That means less dizziness and fatigue!

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About VELA Chairs

VELA Tango is a series of specialised activity chairs developed to enable you to keep your usual level of activity and independence at home and the workplace – despite your disability.

A unique central brake ensures that you have a stable workplace, which means that working in the kitchen with knives or boiling water is safe. Four smoothly running and direction-stable wheels make the activity chair easy to ‘walk’.

Which VELA Chair should you choose?

VELA Chair with electric height adjustment

  • Perfect when you need to sit down at activities where you would stand before, for example, due to pain or lack of strength in the legs.
  • The VELA activity chair provides a safe and stable workplace that you can adjust in height electrically, which helps the person independently mobilise from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa.
  • Suitable for many activities (up high) as you are not dependent on the help of your feet and legs with electric height adjustment, and therefore have the option of a higher sitting height than on a manual VELA activity chair.
  • Reduces unpleasant bumps and jolts that may occur in connection with a manual height adjustment, which causes pain and discomfort for some people.

VELA Chair with manual height adjustment

  • Suitable when you need to sit down to activities where you would stand before, for example, due to poor balance and reduced endurance.
  • Provides a safe and stable workplace for people with reduced endurance and balance problems, who can mobilise themselves from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa with the support of the VELA Chair’s armrests.
  • Suitable for many activities, as you can move around while sitting down and use the chair’s brake when doing things.

See the difference between electric and manual height adjustment

Electric height adjustment Vs. Manual height adjustment - get all the advantages to getting up high and low with electric height adjustment on a VELA chair.

Using the VELA Chair

VELA Chairs are particularly well suited for people with disabilities because the chair provides extra safety and stability during everyday activities at home, at the workplace or in rehabilitation and training.

The VELA Chair is available with either a manual seat height adjustment, like on a regular office chair, or with electric height adjustment, enabling you, despite reduced strength or movability, to get up and sit down and avoid painful bumps.

The central brake and the stable armrests make it easier to get into and out of the chair. You can put your weight on the armrest as the chair will not move.

The mobility chair has smoothly running wheels and plenty of room for the feet. Because of that, you can easily ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down and move around without assistance pat education, at work or home.

Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the optimum conditions for an ergonomic sitting position.

Accessories and special solutions

VELA has developed a unique fold-up footrest for the VELA Chairs. It stabilises your sitting posture when you use it, e.g. to reach the top cupboard.

You can order all VELA Chairs with a large selection of accessories and customisations for the chair to fit your needs. For instance, we have handles developed for people with arthritis in hands and fingers. We offer individual solutions within padding, support, handles and electrical adjustment.

VELA Chairs improve the work environment

Height adjustment of the seat improves the work position for assistants, e.g., when you need assistance at meals or when getting dressed. The height adjustment means that you can sit high up or easily adjust the seat height to the same level as a bed or a chair for an easy and safer transfer. The height-adjustable push handle eases the work if you need assistance to move from A to B.

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