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It is possible to still work despite a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Allison’s story is an excellent example of this. Leg cramps, sciatica pain and fatigue are some of the challenges Allison faces due to her diagnosis.

Easy transfer to and from a VELA chair when having an electric seat lift - outlined

An ordinary office chair and MS can be an unfortunate match

Until Allison got a disability work chair, she found it hard to move from her office chair to the scooter she uses to get around daily. But now, she is far more mobile and self-reliant, and that makes a world of difference in her job.

Allison has progressive secondary sclerosis. This means that she depends on her scooter to get around – both at her workplace as a nurse and in her home.  

The scooter is a fine aid for Allison, but it is different when she needs to sit in a regular office chair to work. An office chair can roll away under her and be difficult to control. 

It can require a lot of unnecessary strength that Allison should be using on what she’s good at. 

That’s why an office chair with brake and electric lift from VELA is an excellent help in Allison’s life.

At the job with multiple sclerosis

Many different issues arise from having multiple sclerosis, but fortunately, there’s a lot of help available. 

Allison has been in a situation where she needed daily help to manage the move from the scooter to the office chair. This took up a great deal of energy and time, away from the job that Allison is passionate about. 

A VELA chair became the big turning point.

VELA Tango 510E - chair with electric seat height for work

Now Allison can manage by herself with her chair for multiple sclerosis 

When Allison got her VELA office chair for multiple sclerosis, she quickly discovered that she could do more things by herself. She was no longer dependent on the help of her colleagues for her physical challenges, and it also meant that she had more energy for her job.

My VELA chair is amazing! I wish I’d got it sooner

Allison says excitedly, referring to her office chair from VELA.

Multiple sclerosis chair for self-help has increased productivity

Before Allison got her VELA chair, it was a struggle juggling jobs and multiple sclerosis at the same time. Now, she can get up and stand on her own without the help of others. She can do this because the chair has an electric lift that replaces the help that her husband and colleagues used to provide.

I have more energy at work and can participate more in domestic duties at home, thanks to the support and help I get from my new chair. I also very rarely get leg cramps now, which is incredible.

Allison can now finally focus her energy elsewhere.

Easy transfer to and from a VELA chair when having an electric seat lift

Sclerosis office chairs that make a difference

An office chair for sclerosis is an excellent aid because it alleviates many of the diagnosis’s challenges. 

Allison says the many adjustment options and the electric lift allow her to easily find the proper sitting position at her desk. She also uses the electric lift as a help for getting up and sitting down.

The electric lift is easy to use and allows me to get on my scooter without, or almost without, any help.

Job and multiple sclerosis can still go together. This is true because the VELA chair is made to help people like Allison, who have to live with sclerosis. 

Now, I find that I am much less tired. Before I had my VELA chair, my husband and I took 15-20 minutes to move me from the office chair and onto my scooter to get home at the end of the day. Now, it only takes a moment because I have a lot more energy.

Allison lives with multiple sclerosis, and her daily life is improved with the VELA chair.

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