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Supporting autonomy and equality in children at home or in school

VELA Children’s Chairs support children with disabilities in achieving independence and participating in activities on equal terms with their peers.

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August’s Story of Increased Autonomy

August was born with cerebral palsy (CP) and has only recently learned to walk. As an 11-year-old, it’s important for him to have control over his own actions and be able to manage simple activities on his own. A VELA children’s chair helps him with this.

With his VELA children’s chair, August can sit down and get up from the table by himself, he can play computer games with his friends, and he can do his homework – without his mom or dad having to help him get seated.

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VELA chair for children at home or in school

Elizabeth’s story

The chair enables Elizabeth to access learning at tables of different heights, and will move through her education with her.

Since having this chair in school Elizabeth has been able to access lunchtimes with her friends by sitting at the table with them and also using the cafeteria style system.

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VELA Tango 100ES for school

Muscle weakness in children – how Ashley got help

Ashley was born with several disabilities that challenge him in everyday life. He has reduced muscle tone, which means he has difficulty walking and keeping his balance.

VELA chairs have smooth-running wheels that allow Ashley to take the chair with him to various different rooms at the school. When he arrives, he locks the chair with the brake, sits down again and adjusts the height of the chair to the table.

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Paediatric Activity Chairs

With a VELA activity chair for disabled children, it is possible to ’grow’ with the chair and get special adaptions – for a perfect fit for children and adolescents.

VELA Children’s chairs will truly grow with the user. The unique back adjustment allows the seat depth to increase as the child grows. Should the user grow out of the existing seat then simply replace the seat pad for the next size up – same applies with our backrests. Our modular system allows for accessories/supports to be added retrospectively should the need occur.

The easy reach Central Brake promotes user independence and safety. The contoured seating system with memory foam helps prevent sacral sitting & the 4-point belt helps with hip alignment. A selection of supportive backrests and adjustable armrests help the child stay focused and supported whilst in class or at home.

The ergonomic seat and backrest systems from VELA are specifically designed for children and provides optimal sitting comfort, as both the backrest and seat can be adjusted to suit the individual child. See our special needs chair for the classroom.

Advice on ergonomics

Good ergonomics is important for children with disabilities, since many activities take place while sitting. It is also important for carers and therapists in relation to work environment, e.g. for support, school or training.

Good ergonomics is not one specific sitting posture, but variation in switching between sitting positions for different tasks during the day.

Use the chair’s seat and backrest adjustment options to vary the child’s sitting posture – move and change position in relation to the activity.

Move the chair close to the task and avoid postures where the child have to stoop and strain back or neck.

Use the height adjustment and seat tilt to ensure a good sitting height. The height adjustment also facilitates the helper’s work during transfers.

An adult should always help the child to adjust the chair so that the chair is set appropriate for the child in relation to the activity.

Children’s Chairs

VELA Children’s chairs is a range of safe chairs for activities, developed for children and young people with special needs.  The chair is perfect for use in school and at home since the central brake provides stability for working, and when the child has to get into and out of the chair. These children’s chairs have optional electric height adjustment, e.g. for assistance with getting into and out of the chair or to vary the seat height while the child is sitting in the chair.

VELA focuses on ergonomics, which is reflected in our many options for standard seat systems – all our back and seat cushions can be customised.

Benefits of VELA Children’s chairs:

  • VELA Children’s chairs are an asset for children with disabilities, particularly in the legs, back and lower back, as a result of e.g. juvenile arthritis, CP, muscular dystrophy or dwarfism.
  • They provide a supportive, stable seat which helps aid concentration in the context of learning and activity, for example in cases of ADHD.
  • A stable underframe and central brake give the child security and create a safe situation when the child is getting into or out of the chair
  • Good ergonomics, comfort and the option of extra support for an optimal sitting position, which encourages activity and participation
  • Many options for customisation so that the chair is optimally adapted to the individual child

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