Help getting out of bed for the elderly – and undressing and dressing

Disabilities come in many different forms, but the challenges of various disabilities often include problems balancing or a lack of strength in the legs, back and arms. So disabilities can be a hindrance – even when doing simple daily chores.

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VELA chair for the bedroom

Putting on or taking off clothes can, for example, become very tiring. This is where a VELA chair fits well into your daily life.

A VELA chair can be an excellent aid when dressing and undressing. It provides support and stability while also allowing you to get around the home in a seated position. The right chair provides help with self-help, which is often the quality that people with disabilities appreciate the most.

Help getting out of bed for the elderly and disabled: An easy get up chair for the bedroom

A VELA chair has several features that can help getting out of bed. You can “walk” the chair to your bed while sitting down, so you can move from bed to chair or from chair to bed. 

It’s an excellent aid for the bedroom because it has a solid brake that ensures stability when you move. The chair’s armrests can fold away so that they don’t get in the way when you move from bed to chair or vice versa. 

The aid makes it easy getting out of bed and into the chair. And it’s an aid you easily can control yourself.

The chair also comes with an electric lift that helps you get up. 

Benefits of a good aid for undressing and dressing

Smooth-running wheels provide freedom of movement while sitting down.

Electric height adjustment makes it easier to reach all shelves in your wardrobe.

A stable brake gives you two free hands.

Armrests provide support and stability.

Around the house with a

VELA chair


Do you lack energy at bedtime?

People with disabilities often put a lot of effort into doing ordinary things daily. And that’s why many experience fatigue and a lack of energy as the day draws to a close. 

This means that energy levels are often low close to bedtime. This can be remedied with a VELA chair, which can save energy during the day, leaving enough energy for regular bedtime routines.

A good brake ensures stability

The chair’s brake gives you excellent stability. Both when getting out of bed and move to the chair and when dressing and undressing. 

The brake supports you when you need to lean forward to put on socks, shoes, trousers or even a leg prosthesis. The braked chair significantly minimises the risk of falling and boosts independence. 

When the seat is raised high, it provides a good and safe starting position for getting up and pulling up your trousers. Meanwhile, the chair’s armrests give you excellent support.

Full control when dressing and undressing

A VELA chair allows you to sit safely and securely when dressing and undressing. With aid for dressing and undressing from VELA, you get a stable chair with solid armrests that support you and are also great to lean on. 

This enables you to safely and securely lean to the sides to fix your clothes or other things without having to worry about losing your balance.

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Assisted living

A VELA chair provides self-reliance and help getting out of bed for the elderly

A mobility chair for the bedroom not only provides physical support to people with disabilities – but it also provides self-reliance, which is often greatly missed when the body starts to fail. 

With a disability chair for adults, you no longer depend on asking others for help when you need to get dressed or when, for example, you need to go to the toilet during the night. You can do it by yourself.

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