Dining chairs for disability

People gather around a meal, which is associated with community and togetherness. So not being able to participate in socialising can feel debilitating in itself. There are several reasons why mealtimes can be very challenging. Pain and disability are just a few of them.

Sit safely and eat breakfast with the family when sitting in a VELA chair with a brake

Regain your independence

Mobility dining chairs

At VELA, we make dining chairs for the disabled that strengthen and promote an ergonomically correct sitting position, enabling you to participate in meals and improve your quality of life.

Most of us don’t think about how we sit when we eat. We automatically settle into a comfortable position so that we can enjoy our meal effortlessly. 

We don’t think about the fact that a good sitting posture reduces the risk of dysphagia. And we don’t think about the fact that being able to move to and from the dining table is a necessity for an effortless meal. 

If you lose the ability to get around the house on your own, have balance problems or difficulties with motor skills, mealtimes can be very challenging. But help is at hand. We have mobility dining chairs as aids for mealtimes. 

Mobility and safe transfer: Kitchen aids for disabled 

Taking part in cooking, setting the table and moving around by yourself are essential parts of feeling independent. If you have reduced leg strength and you are disabled, kitchen aids from VELA may be beneficial to move around sitting down. 

With a VELA chair, you get a chair where you can sit and “walk” or push yourself around – e.g. to the dining table. You can adjust the chair’s height to the table, and when the brake is activated, it provides stability and security in the dining situation. 

The chair is ergonomic and comfortable, which means you can take part in a social meal for longer.

Table set yourself

Our chairs have four smooth-running wheels that are easy to brake when you need to sit still. This enables you to move around easily when sitting in your chair – even with something in your hands. 

With a dining chair with an electric lift, you can also reach food or tableware placed high or low in cupboards. And then you can help set the table, clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Around the house with a

VELA chair


Alleviate dysphagia and prevent aspiration

Do you tend to have trouble swallowing, or do you experience problems with food going down the wrong way? Then a VELA dining chair is a great kitchen aid. 

Almost no matter how you usually sit, you can adjust the VELA disability chair to give you a good posture and avoid slouching while eating. 

By achieving an upright sitting position and minimising the risk of slouching over your plate, you can avoid many of the factors that cause aspiration or difficulty breathing while eating.

Help for the diaphragm

If you have ALS, Parkinson’s or other conditions that mean that your body doesn’t always follow your lead, the chair can help you achieve a better sitting posture while eating. It does this by stabilising your diaphragm in a supportive chair. And that, of course, creates greater well-being at mealtimes and a sense of participation. 

When you are supported and helped to sit more upright, you also get the best conditions for breathing and eating at the same time. 

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Aid that provides stability and security

All of our chairs have a brake that makes them stable and safe. If you have poor balance, it can be difficult to reach things further in on the table. You may feel uncertain about whether your chair is stable. The brake alleviates that uncertainty. 

In addition to the brake, the chair also has stable armrests that you can use for support. When you have finished eating, you can recline to relax in your supportive chair and continue chatting – an essential part of eating together.

Create safe boundaries while dining

Our chair is a great dining aid precisely because it meets many of the eating challenges when you have a disability. 

The chair is very comfortable to sit in when dining, and it is easy to get in the proper position with the table for the best dining experience. 

The chair’s armrests create an enclosed space in the chair that can be particularly good for those who often experience unrest in the body, as calm is an important factor for a successful meal.

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