Maintain a home with a disability – get a cleaning aid for disabled

People with disabilities may struggle with basic household activities such as cooking or cleaning. This often means that outside help is needed.

VELA chair facilitates cleaning

Regain your independence

Cleaning aid for disabled

A chair from VELA can be a really good household aid. It provides support as you need it when completing your tasks. It makes you more mobile, supports your balance and helps you use your resources where you need them most.

Independence is essential to most people. Unfortunately, disabilities often take away some of that independence, as you may find it challenging to carry out your daily routine. 

A chair from VELA can become your favourite cleaning aid because you regain the ability to handle tasks at home – without help from others.

Cleaning aids for the disabled can facilitate everyday tasks

A cleaning aid for the disabled can be helpful for the following tasks: 




Tidying up

A VELA chair as a cleaning aid can help you in many different situations in everyday life towards maintaining a home. This is because a chair from VELA can provide support in many daily activities. 

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Independence at home

Around the house with a

VELA chair


You can save energy by using a VELA chair when maintaining your home

Having a disability often means it does not take much for you to become exhausted. Therefore, you must spend your energy wisely. 

Mobility chairs from VELA can help you spend less energy cleaning and tidying – meaning that you have energy left for socialising or hobbies. 

Even light cleaning requires energy and effort. This cleaning aid offers a chair that has an electric lift. This means that you do not have to use your energy putting laundry away or vacuuming. Simply raise or lower the chair to the desired position at the touch of a button.

A cleaning aid for the disabled: Now you can clean without losing your balance

VELA chairs have four smooth-running wheels. This means you can “walk” the chair around while cleaning. First, lower the chair so that your feet have good contact with the floor. Then, grab your vacuum cleaner and easily “walk” around while vacuuming. 

You can also apply the brake on your VELA chair. This means that you can lock the chair securely when, for example, you need to hang up laundry or wipe down the washbasin. For example, a poor balance may hinder you in maintaining your home. However, a brake can solve this problem, ensuring you always sit safely and securely in the chair.

Adjust the chair to suit your maintenance tasks

No matter what kind of maintenance you need to perform in your home, you can adjust the chair to suit the activity. An office chair with brake and electric lift from VELA supports you in an active, ergonomic sitting position with a seat that can be angled forward, offering good support for your back. 

This gives you an excellent ergonomic starting point, and you can always adjust the chair to the specific task – whether it is high or low. So, for example, you can place your laundry on your lap and “walk” the chair up to the drying rack to hang laundry up. And make use of both free hands to hang the clothes on the line.

A VELA chair is made for you

Disabilities affect people differently. VELA chairs are designed to support the user to many issues that often arise with various disabilities. For example, this can include balance problems or reduced strength in different parts of the body. 

If you have a specific challenge that requires a specific type of support, finding a chair that addresses your daily challenges is possible. Whether it is extra back support or a longer brake lever, we will help you find the perfect chair for adults as your cleaning aid so that you can maintain a home with a disability.

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