VELA develops, manufactures and sells chairs in three business areas:

VELA Rehab: Special chairs, electric wheelchairs and chairs with brakes for people with disabilities

VELA Medical: Ergonomic chairs and customised chairs for hospitals and clinics

VERMUND: Design chairs

How a chair is manufactured

All VELA chairs are manufactured in Aalborg, Denmark.


For this reason we offer the fastest delivery times on the market. We do not manufacture the chair until it has been ordered, which always allows customisations. Over 20% of all chairs made are customised.



The chair is manufactured

The order is divided among departments where production of seat and backrest is handled by the upholstery workshop and all other parts are being picked from our warehouse. Potential customised parts are made in our smithy or upholstery workshop.


polsterafdelingSeat and backrest is are made in the upholstery workshop

lagerstyringParts to the chairs are being picked at the VELA warehouse via our stock control system

smed polsterPotential customised parts are made in our smithy or upholstery workshop

Quality control

Every chair gets a unique identification number, so we always know how the specific chair is configured. The chair is mounted in our mounting department that also conduct quality control and make picture documentation of every chair. A last exit control is conducted before packing and shipping the chair.

The chair is ready for the customer

Either the chair is sent directly to the user with a detailed user manual or the sales adviser will deliver the chair and help adjusting it. The adviser will instruct in the functions of the chair and recommend benefits for the user.


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