A VELA kitchen chair for disabled

Many of our daily chores are done in the kitchen. It’s where we make breakfast, lunch and dinner – and we go to and from the fridge several times a day. 

In the kitchen, we make coffee and tea for ourselves or our guests. The kitchen is the setting for many social aspects of our lives, and many steps are taken back and forth here daily.

Safety at home despite a disability - cook your own food by sitting in a VELA chair with a brake

Regain your independence

VELA kitchen chair

People with disabilities such as balance problems and pain in joints and muscles may struggle to perform standing work in the kitchen, which is why a VELA chair really comes into its own in a kitchen. 

With a VELA kitchen chair for the disabled, you can still do your daily chores – without needing to have full strength in your legs. The right VELA chair meets your needs for assistance – and enables mobility.

Chair for cooking in the kitchen: A kitchen aid means fewer challenges

If you are disabled, standing up by a kitchen table can cause pain and balance problems. It can be challenging to reach the top cupboards, and it can be almost impossible to fill the bottom drawer of the dishwasher. 

A disability can deprive you of the opportunity to perform many simple chores in the home by yourself, and this will inevitably affect your sense of independence. 

A VELA chair for cooking in your kitchen makes a good aid as it can alleviate many of the challenges that a disability brings with it. A VELA chair can help make cooking and washing dishes a part of everyday life in the kitchen again.

Personal stories – Now we can cook again

VELA Tango chair for kitchen activities

Patrick’s story

I can’t stand up and talk to someone for more than a few minutes. If you haven’t experienced challenges with balance yourself, it’s really hard to comprehend how much it dominates everyday life.
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Sitting down and reaching low in a safe way with a VELA chair

Lilly’s story

Now I enjoy cooking for several days at a time, and it makes a world of difference that I can peel the potatoes myself. A good diet is important when living with arthritis – and doing the work also builds up an appetite.
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Cooking dinner using a VELA chair

Kenneth’s story

Previously, I couldn’t help with making dinner while standing up, especially by the stove. I needed something to hold onto because you never know when you are going to fall. I cook and stir the pot now because I can use both of my hands.
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A woman showing how she can bake by herself despite amputation by using a VELA chair

Solveig’s story

I used to burn myself on the oven all the time, whenever I needed to take something out of it. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now I raise the chair up to the oven, and that means I do not burn myself on the edge of the oven door.
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Woman baking buns, despite disability

Caroline’s story

Now I can reach pots and plates in both the top and bottom cabinets, and the brake allows me to sit safely while I stir the pot or slice vegetables.
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Sit high in a VELA Tango chair with an electric seat lift when cooking

Conny’s story

More than a decade ago, Conny suffered a brain haemorrhage that left her paralysed. The electric lift and the wide wheels have given Conny much of her independence and sense of self-worth back. Rehabilitation and recovery after hemiplegia require activity, and she is now able to do that.

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chair for fall prevention for the elderly

Kaj Henning’s story

Since I got a VELA chair, I’ve become more active in everyday life and less afraid of falling. I can contribute more to household tasks, and the chair provides my wife and me a great sense of security. The VELA chair has given me more freedom in my home and increased my confidence in daily tasks.
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Mobility chair in the kitchen: Disabilities and kitchen work can go hand in hand

There is a big difference between how different disabilities affect different people’s day-to-day lives. And the challenges encountered by the individual are therefore also different. But whatever your challenges in the kitchen, you can rest assured that a VELA mobility chair in the kitchen will help you overcome some of them. 

The VELA disability chairs are designed to support a good ergonomic sitting posture and provide optimal function and comfort. 

This means that a VELA chair helps you with your challenges while also restoring a large degree of independence.

Around the house with a

VELA chair


Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Reach high and low surfaces with the raising/lowering function

The chair has an electric raising/lowering function, which allows you to reach the bottom drawers and top shelves in the cupboards at the touch of a button. You never compromise on safety, as the chair has a safe central brake that is easy to use.

Watch how Søren is able to bake bread rolls despite the fact that he can no longer walk around the kitchen.

Invite guests to dinner again

Once your VELA chair for the kitchen is in the house, you can invite guests over for dinner again. With the right aid in the kitchen, you will once again be able to handle more tasks by yourself.

And you can even do it without the fear that cooking will consume too much of your energy. A VELA chair for the kitchen is designed to provide the best help and support for you, so you can conserve your energy.

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