Office chairs with brake and electric lift for disabled adults

A disability can present different challenges in everyday life – and many disabilities affect mobility. At VELA, we make an office chair with a brake and electric lift to help disabled people lead a more manageable life at home or work.

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What is an office chair with a brake and electric lift?

We create our office chair for disabled adults based on our expertise and many years of experience. We strive to give you the best possible conditions despite your disability. 

An office chair with a brake and electric lift from VELA can help disabled adults with the following:

Greater mobility in everyday life.

Easy seat height adjustment.

Armrests for support and comfort.

Good overall support and comfort.

Regain your independence with a

VELA chair


Office chairs for disabled adults provide increased mobility

An office chair for the disabled from VELA has smooth-running wheels, with plenty of room between the wheels so a person can “walk” or push the chair around. 

If you have a disability in your legs or back, it can therefore be a relief to be able to “walk” around while sitting down. 

When you are not walking the chair around, you can simply apply the handbrake and continue your activities. 

Getting around can be very important for your self-esteem and self-perception, as you can now carry out many daily activities all by yourself. Of course, it all depends on your disability, but the chair will help you along the way.

Scott Grant’s detailed review

VELA Independence Chair’s innovative design and life-changing benefits

Scott Grant, the esteemed blogger behind “Graying with Grace,” has published an in-depth and glowing review of our VELA Independence Chair. In his analysis, Scott highlights the chair’s innovative design, exceptional ergonomic features, and its profound impact on enhancing daily living.

To understand why Scott Grant considers the VELA Independence Chair a transformative mobility aid, read the full review here and watch the detailed video review here.

Where do you need the chair?

Office chair with brake and electric lift

A chair from VELA is easy to adjust in height and can help people with reduced balance who may feel insecure when they bend forward or reach for things. Set the seat height low for peace of mind. 

With the help of a button, you can change the height of this office chair yourself. Many people with disabilities benefit greatly from this particular feature, as their reach is now significantly extended. 

Raise your seat’s height so that you can easily use the sink or reach the top shelves. Or lower the seat’s height and fill the bottom drawer of the dishwasher.

Armrests with several functions

An office chair with a hand brake, an electric lift and armrests can be of great importance when it comes to your comfort and mobility. 

Use the armrest as a support when you move from the chair to a bed or sofa. The armrest also acts as a boundary and support so that you can feel safe.

Get help with energy consumption

If you have never had access to an office chair for the disabled or people with handicap before, there may be a lot to gain by considering whether you manage your energy in the right way. 

Perhaps you spend all your energy getting around the home and performing the most necessary of daily chores? Do you already feel exhausted after lunch?

If this is something you recognise, an office chair with brakes and wheels will make a big difference for you.

No more being exhausted by the end of the day. With an office chair with a brake and electric lift, you can plan where and how you would like to save your energy during the day. 

In this way, you will still have energy for fun activities – such as having friends around. That will improve your quality of life.

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