Disability chairs for adults at home

At VELA, we have many years of experience making functional independence chairs to help people with various disabilities lead a better life

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How VELA disability chairs for adults can help you at home:

Reach new heights

The electric lift enables you to conserve energy when you need to reach a cupboard or put something in the dishwasher. This feature can also be used as an aid when getting up from the chair.

Optimum comfort and ergonomics

You can adjust the chair to give you the best possible ergonomics and comfort and suit your exact needs – and it will last for many years. 

Stability and mobility

The brake ensures you get stability for different activities. And the smooth-running wheels make you mobile, so you can easily move around at home while sitting down.

Safety every day

You sit safely and securely – the brake takes care of that. You also benefit from support from the stable armrests and a good, supportive backrest. Enjoy feeling completely safe when you sit in our chair.


Sit down instead of standing

Fill and empty the dishwasher while sitting down – it’s easy to adjust the seat to a low height and just as easy to readjust it to a normal height.

Save your energy by sitting down rather than standing up.

Disability chairs with wheels

It’s easy to move around at home, as the chair has smooth-running wheels, so you can ‘walk’/push yourself forward while sitting down in the chair.

Stand up easily with the right disability equipment

Use a VELA chair as a disability equipment for standing up. Simply press the button on the electric disability chair, and the seat rises gently. When the chair brake is engaged, you will feel completely safe and secure while the seat moves up. Let yourself slide forward and end up standing upright in front of the chair.

This means the chair helps you to stand up fully – without any effort.

Independence chair – a great help when cooking

Our disability equipment can help improve your endurance and balance in multiple situations. It can help you at home, in the bathroom, in the wardrobe or at your workplace. One of the most important things a VELA disability chair contributes to is the feeling of independence.

An independence chair at home is a perfect assistant in the kitchen when you need to reach plates in the top cupboard and a chopping board in the bottom drawer. The chair becomes your help and support, and it saves you a lot of effort in staying upright.

Regain your independence with a

VELA chair


Check how VELA disability chairs can help you at home

Assisted living

A disability chair for adults gives you optimal support

Disabilities often entail problems keeping your balance and pain in muscles and joints. We design equipment for disabled such as disability chairs that support the user in maintaining independence in everyday life at work, school, and home. 

Our independence chair for adults at home helps maintain or restore your activity level, so you can lead a completely normal life despite having a disability. 

When you have a disability, sitting in a standard chair can often lead to pain and discomfort. With a disability chair at home, you give yourself optimum conditions for functioning – no matter what your situation is. 

A VELA disability chair with wheels is adjusted to your needs for support and comfort. You can adjust the seat’s height, depth and angle, as well as the angle of the armrests, and thus adjust the chair to give your body the support it needs.

A safety brake gives you stability

For many adults with disabilities, the VELA chair is a necessary lifeline, as pain and balance issues can make it challenging to get up and be active at the same time. 

That’s why the central brake on our disability chairs is an essential function. A strong brake ensures a stable foundation for being active. This gives you the peace of mind to use your hands without having to worry about your legs failing. 

When the brake is locked, you can raise and lower the height of the VELA chair as needed.

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A disability chair with electric lift

There are several different options with an electric disability chair from VELA. For some, an electric lift chair will be the perfect solution, as – in addition to being able to adjust the chair to the desired height easily – you can also use this function to get up and sit down very slowly and carefully. 

This is a benefit for many people who live with daily pain caused by e.g. joint, muscle or back problems. If you belong to this group, an electric lift is clearly a preferable option for you.

An electric lift on your VELA chair offers a wide range of benefits: 

Adjust your height to suit the task you want to perform.

Adjust the seat height to reach the same height as the bed or sofa – this makes lifting and moving easier.

Raise the chair and adjust the angle of the seat forward for optimal support and relief while standing.

Reach the top and bottom drawers and shelves of your home when sitting down.

An independence chair with excellent ergonomics and comfort

Our disability chair helps you enjoy an independent life at home. Made with ergonomics in mind, it gives the user optimum comfort and support. 

With a good and supportive sitting position, you can use the chair for many hours a day and achieve greater independence at the same time.

One of our core values is diversity. 

We know that both disabilities and people come in many shapes and sizes. That’s why you can adjust our chairs to fit you and your needs. However, one element remains a constant in all our disability chairs – and that is a solid braking function.  

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