Insights into our seat and backrest design

  • 24. April 2024
  • Reading time: 8 min.

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We have made every effort to ensure that you sit comfortably

Over the past year, our team of specialists has been dedicated to improving the quality and functionality of our seats and backrests: Active and Contour.

Consequently, much thought, theory, and action have gone into developing our new series. We have gathered information from our many users and consulted with foam and seating position experts.

In addition, during the seat development, we utilised pressure measurement technology to obtain visualizations that we could use to compare and locate pressure points in our test subjects

We have tested and tested…

Here are the pressure measurements of two test persons sitting on the new Contour seat, where after 30 minutes we see good results in terms of:

  • The pressure is distributed over the entire seating surface
  • There are no alarming pressure points
  • The pressure points, which are the green areas, are located externally near the femur and not at the coccyx and sit bones, which would otherwise be problematic

Contour series: Advanced seat with extra support and relief

The Contour seat is developed for users who spend a large part of their time sitting and, therefore, require extra support and comfort. The seat is designed to alleviate the typical problems that can occur from sitting down for extended periods, such as pressure, pain, and discomfort.

In the center of the seat is a special area filled with soft, high-density cold foam called Pantera, which helps distribute weight evenly and provides extra comfort. The area around this has sloped edges – 39 degrees at the front and 53 degrees at the back – to ensure a smooth transition and help distribute the user’s weight evenly. This design particularly helps relieve pressure on the sit bones.

Additionally, a small indentation at the back near the coccyx area helps reduce pressure in this area when you sit. This can alleviate any discomfort or pain.

Rotate and flip the seat and backrest in the image

The Contour backrest is designed for users who need extra support for the upper body when sitting. It helps keep the back stable and in a good, upright position. The backrest can be adjusted in height, depth, and tilt to fit the user’s natural lumbar curvature, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit.

The backrest is moulded in foam and has side supports to provide optimal support and stability around the lower back and waist. At chest height, the side supports become less pronounced to give the user’s shoulders and arms freedom of movement. Although the backrest provides stabilisation, it does not lock the user in, so freedom of movement is maintained.

The Contour series is the right choice for users who:

Spend a lot of time sitting and desire extra support

Wish to prevent uncomfortable pressure and relieve the area around the sit bones and coccyx

Seek a higher degree of sitting comfort through softer materials

Need substantial back support while sitting

Tend to lean to one side

Find that their back muscles easily become fatigued

Have problems with stability and balance when sitting

Active series: Standard seat for the active user who needs more freedom of movement

The Active series is developed for active users who desire comfort and freedom of movement while sitting.

The Active seat is designed to support an active lifestyle. Its rounded shapes and inviting design provides a solid foundation for both short and long periods of sitting activities. The rounded edge at the front of the seat makes it easy to change position and move forward in the chair using the legs.

Rotate and flip the seat and backrest in the image

The Active backrest supports the active, seated person by combining support and stability with freedom of movement.

It can be adjusted in height, depth, and angle to fit the user’s back and natural curves, providing a correct and comfortable posture. This helps maximise reach and facilitate movements without restricting mobility.

The Active series is the right choice for users who:

Want a standard seat and back with normal support

Value flexibility where the seat and back provide easy, adjustable support

Need stable support with freedom of movement, where the backrest supports and stabilises while allowing freedom for shoulders and arms

Require a stable sitting position, even during prolonged use

Find the right seat size

You can use our size guide, which can help find the right seat size for each user.


We choose sustainable textiles

We prioritise sustainable textiles for our seats and backrests, so we use Renewed Loop, a fabric made from 100% recycled polyester.

Renewed Loop is developed by the Danish textile manufacturer Gabriel, who recycles textile waste and transforms it into new, more sustainable textiles.

The fabric is certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel for its environmentally friendly production.

Read more about Renewed Loop here.