Vermund Larsen A / S (VELA) is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by manufacturer Vermund Larsen, whose spirit and resourcefulness are alive and well despite his passing in 1970.

Vermund Larsen was by education an interior designer and a true entrepreneur. He was one of the pioneers of the ergonomic office chairs, and he was passionate about design, form and function. His passion was to create beautiful products, and the main theme was always that 'one should sit well'.

Today the company is owned by Stig and Gorm which is Vermund Larsen's twin sons who continue to keep a strong focus on creating beautiful and ergonomically designed chairs. The company is divided into three business areas, all with design, function and excellence as a common goal.

VELA Rehab: Special chairs, electric wheelchairs and chairs with brakes for people with disabilities

VELA Medical: Ergonomic chairs and customised chairs for hospitals and clinics

VERMUND: Design chairs

Vermund Larsen



Clever Window Locking Mechanism

Steel furniture manufacturer Vermund Larsen, Willemoesgade 3, Aalborg, has invented a Window Hasp with a Lock, and has recently had the Invention patented. It is an invention which, by its Simplicity and Efficiency, differs significantly from earlier inventions with the same purpose.

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First Chair of Fiberglass and Plastic in Europe manufactured in Nørresundby

Among the News at Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition is the solid-cast Glass Fiber Chair. Manufacturer Vermund Larsen, Nørresundby, who is a pioneer in the area of steel furniture in Denmark, has, in cooperation with the Glafitex Factory in Copenhagen, manufactured the chair at his Factory.

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height adjustment2


Nørresundby Company has to say no to exports

Two years ago, sales rounded one million - the first one, which it is always so difficult to make. This year we will pass two million - and next year, we will move into a brand new factory on Göteborgvej in Aalborg.

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First chair with height adjustment using the gas spring system

In 1961, Vermund Larsen developed Scandinavia's first office chair with automatic height adjustment using the gas spring system.

This system was a departure from all previous office chairs and the entire design of the chair with the anatomically correct back and seat has not changed significantly since then.

A few years ago, this chair, the VELA chair, formed the basis of the latest German industrial standards for office chairs, and it is, furthermore, the best-selling gas spring chair in Scandinavia.

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Famous Nørresundby Company now moves to Ålborg

Manufacturer Vermund Larsen's steel furniture factory moves to Aalborg's new industrial quarter at the turn of the year.

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Steel furniture from Aalborg is delivered to many countries around the world

Vermund Larsen, who turns 60 on Thursday, about his business. Not all Japanese people sit on the floor. Some of them use chairs from Aalborg.

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VELA - 40th anniversary

Vermund Larsen factory for office and special furniture (VELA), Aalborg, celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 1. Over the years, the factory has had a significant and original influence on the development of work chairs and seating positions in the country.

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Chairs and Pride

Special chairs from Aalborg are sold all over the world. When Israeli commandos "abducted" six torpedo boats from the French harbour Cherbourg some years ago, they brought with them a chair from Aalborg.

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