VELA Meywalk

Gait trainer with a seat and armrests for indoor use

With a VELA Meywalk, individuals with limited or no gait function get the opportunity to discover the world on their own.

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Is the gait trainer for a child or an adult?


How VELA Meywalk 4 helped Paloma to her feet

Paloma has difficulties playing with the other children because she does not have a normal walking and standing function. In fact, she cannot walk at all since her legs are not strong enough.

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About VELA Meywalk

At VELA, we have many years of experience in helping people with disabilities. We make products that support the user in becoming more mobile and self-reliant. 

Our VELA Meywalk is a series of gait trainers, a walker for children and adults, to help them stand up and move around despite having reduced or no walking function.

What is a walker or gait trainer?

VELA Meywalk gait trainers, or walkers, designed to support the user when moving around and practising walking – and at the same time, the user can face their surroundings at eye level. 

A VELA Meywalk walker is a wheeled frame that helps the user get up and participate in social activities, leading to increased well-being and mobility. In addition, a gait trainer from VELA has a springy frame that stimulates the muscles when walking. 

Benefits of a gait trainer as a walking support

There are several benefits of using a tall VELA Meywalk gait trainer as walking support:

It stimulates and supports the body’s natural movements.

It helps the user to stand or walk despite impaired function in the legs.

The body ring, seat and height can be adjusted so that the walker can grow with the user.

You can adjust it without the use of tools.

It is easy to transport. 

A gait trainer is easy to use

Reduced function in the legs can make it difficult to move over to or out of ordinary gait trainers – with or without assistance. 

A VELA Meywalk gait trainer is easier to access, as it has a built-in raising/lowering function, which means that you can easily adjust the seat’s height. 

Apply the gait trainer’s brakes and lower the seat. Help the user onto the gait trainer seat and raise it back to a high position. This feature means that the user can move more easily and safely, with less assistance from others.

A walker creates stability when standing

VELA Meywalk walkers have a handrail to make it easier to steer and for supporting and resting your arms. However, you do not need to keep your hands on the handrail at all times, which means that you can participate in activities and keep your hands free while standing. 

You, therefore, have the opportunity to eat and drink while standing or moving around in your walker. This allows for more independence and contributes to increased happiness. If you need extra support and stability when standing or walking, you can adjust the handrail to your needs. 

Therefore, the VELA Meywalk walker provides ample opportunity for activity, exercise and greater participation.

Achieve more significant physical gains with a gait trainer

Inactivity is rarely an advantage, which is also the case when it comes to disabilities. 

That is why we make products to help the user become more mobile and increase the possibility of a more active daily life with greater participation. 

With a VELA Meywalk gait trainer, you can get up to stand and move around every single day. You improve your balance, muscles and your bones – these three elements help you develop better mobility and endurance, so you can improve your walking function and move around more easily. 

The ability to move around yourself (mobility) is an essential factor in how you experience your everyday life. Increased mobility often leads to greater joy of living and more self-esteem. In addition, mobility also stimulates respiration, circulation and digestion – just as a daily movement also provides better sleep and more appetite.

Why you should choose VELA Meywalk

You should choose a VELA Meywalk walker if you want to be active despite having reduced function in your legs. Having support for walking and standing means you can save your strength and manage your energy more optimally. 

You can choose to spend your energy on rehab, exercise or other activities that create value for you and your life. 

Our gait trainers come in different sizes and variants, so you can find the one that best meets your needs. And you will experience greater well-being and good conditions to support your breathing.

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