A good work chair for disability at work

Do you belong to the group of people who work despite having a disability or a disorder? Then you know that even doing ordinary everyday chores can be exhausting. 

Disability often means pain in your joints and muscles or balance issues.

Sitting down while working - VELA mobility chair

How a VELA chair for work can help you and your disability:

Brake and wheels – keep you safe and mobile

The chair has a brake, so you sit stable while you work or “walk” the chair around while seated. In addition, the brake provides safety, so you don’t have to worry about the chair moving away from under you. Our chairs with brakes look like standard office chairs.

Electric lift

Electric lift helps you save your energy when you need to get up and sit down. Changing the chair’s seat height is easy with the touch of a button. A work chair with a brake and electric lift is an excellent aid in your working day. 

The proper backrest and seat

Sitting down for several hours at a time at work requires essential the right support and sitting comfort. It can be a good idea to have a seating specialist from a VELA dealer, so you are guaranteed to get the right seat and the most optimal backrest.

Adjust the chair to suit you

VELA chairs can be adjusted to suit you and your needs. In that way, you have the proper support and comfort while at work and to spend the least possible energy – even if you lead an active working life.


Choose a VELA work chair with brake and electric lift

The brake keeps you stable while sitting. A regular office chair can’t guarantee this, and it can be exhausting to waste your strength and energy worrying whether the chair is going to roll away. 

You can ‘walk’ or push a VELA mobility chair around while sitting down, and that means you don’t have to waste unnecessary energy on getting up and sitting down – you just ‘walk’. 

If you need to grab something in the top cupboard at your workplace, the chair’s electric lift can bring you up to the right height. The brake ensures that the chair doesn’t roll out from under you while raising or lowering the chair’s height – it’s safe and secure.

Furthermore, the chair’s comfortable backrest and seat can help reduce your pain, just as the chair, of course, can be adjusted to fit you ergonomically.

VELA Work chair with back support for disability at work

A good office chair with brake and electric lift for work can be crucial for disabled adults. If you sit at a desk every day, a work chair from VELA with back support can provide excellent conditions for changing your working posture during the day. 

The seat can be angled forward so that your feet have a good support surface, and you get an open hip angle that makes it easier to sit nicely at a desk. In addition, the proper sitting height and sitting posture mean that your shoulders automatically become more relaxed, providing a good working posture. 

VELA work chairs for disability at work also allow you to get up to work by the computer. Raise your desk, lock the chair’s wheels and tilt the seat forward. It supports a partially standing working position, enabling you to have varied working postures during a long day. The chair still supports you, and it’s not too stressful for your legs and back.

Work chairs for disabled adults: Use it for both physical and online meetings

A VELA chair is an excellent work chair to have at work because it gives you an ideal ergonomic posture with back support, which is particularly important for people with disabilities. 

However, it’s equally perfect for online meetings or telephone conversations, where you may want a more relaxed sitting posture. You can recline the backrest and angle the seat, which gives you a more reclined and comfortable position. 

And you can easily roll the chair to other rooms if, for example, you need to attend a more extended physical meeting at your workplace. In short, you get a work chair you can use comfortably all day long.

Work chair for home

If you already have a VELA work chair at home, you can easily choose the same chair for your workplace – then you’ll already be familiar with the chair’s features. In addition, it allows you to easily and efficiently adjust the chair to suit your needs.

Disability + work = satisfaction

You can easily combine disability and work with the right office chair. VELA can tailor your chair with a brake and electric lift to suit your specific needs.

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