The VELA activity chair makes every day easier for disabled children

An activity chair from VELA can help disabled children and young people get a better everyday life at home. In short, the proper paediatric seating can help to ensure that there is enough energy for homework, seated leisure activities and also for spending time with the family.

Boy sitting in the VELA Chair for children

Paediatric activity chairs from VELA can help your child in the following ways:

Support and comfort

An ergonomic chair with paediatric seating ensures good support and comfort. Support and comfort are essential because disabled children often need to spend many hours in an activity chair. This chair allows the child to sit comfortably and correctly for many hours at a time.

Adjust the chair as needed

You can easily adjust the chair’s height to suit the table at which the child sits, whether it is a desk in their room or the dining table in the kitchen. In that way, the child can participate in everyday life with family and friends.

Safety and security

Paediatric activity chairs from VELA provides safety and security throughout the day – for both homework and meals. The chair has an easily accessible handbrake for seated activities, and it is safe to get up from and sit down in the chair.

Greater independence

The child can get in and out of the chair using the electric seat lift, which means greater independence. The electric seat lift also provides an opportunity for them to be at eye level with other children, thus allowing equal interaction and conversation.


Calmness and concentration with paediatric seating

The chair supports learning and concentration as it “encircles” the child with the help of supportive paediatric seating, backrest, armrests and footplate, thus promoting calm and concentration.

Ergonomics are important

You can adjust the seat height to fit the table height, so you do not need to change how the child sits to get higher up. In that way, the child has an ergonomic sitting position with relaxed shoulders and arms. In addition, the chair’s footplate is raised and lowered along with the chair’s seat, meaning that the footplate provides good grounding at all times. 

Children are different – get the right accessories for your paediatric activity chairs

Children are all different, and so are the consequences of a disability. Therefore, various accessories can make the VELA chairs into optimal paediatric activity chairs for your children. In addition, the right accessories can help create good conditions for activity and participation in social life and family life.

A chair from VELA will also help the adults

The chair’s electric seat lift is also an advantage for the parents or helpers, as it is easy to adjust the child’s seat height to suit you when the child needs help, e.g. for meals or getting dressed. 

The easy raising and lowering of the seat allow the child to be at eye level with other children, allowing for equal conversation and interaction, so the child does not have to look up at their peers.

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Paediatric seating: A VELA chair can grow with the child

It is possible to replace both the seat and the backrest on the chair, which means that the chair can grow with the child and provide adaptive paediatric seating for your child on an ongoing basis. Because the chair can “grow” with the child, it has a long life and can support the child for many years. 

Let the disabled child evolve in an activity chair

Children who have problems with balance and moving can have a much better life if they have the proper paediatric seating. An activity chair from VELA can help disabled children to concentrate on what is essential and what interests them, such as playing and forming friendships. 

A chair from VELA can relieve pain and ensure that the child receives the support they need to function well in everyday life.

Personal stories

VELA chair for children at home or in school

Elizabeth’s story

The chair enables Elizabeth to access learning at tables of different heights, and will move through her education with her.

Since having this chair in school Elizabeth has been able to access lunchtimes with her friends by sitting at the table with them and also using the cafeteria style system.

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VELA Tango 100ES for school

Muscle weakness in children – how Ashley got help

Ashley was born with several disabilities that challenge him in everyday life. He has reduced muscle tone, which means he has difficulty walking and keeping his balance.

VELA chairs have smooth-running wheels that allow Ashley to take the chair with him to various different rooms at the school. When he arrives, he locks the chair with the brake, sits down again and adjusts the height of the chair to the table.

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Unlike many seats on wheels, a VELA seat allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user whilst seated. The High – low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life.

Children and young people with achondroplasia have benefited from VELA seats in more ways than one. They are able to participate in everyday activities within the classroom, the dining hall and Science labs independently.The seat is discreet and because of its technology has a degree of kudos which can appeal to young people.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I have always thought of VELA Seating as the ‘go to’ seat to take a child through their entire Education from Reception to College.

VELA Seating ensures people with restricted growth are not restricted in life.

Ann Cunliffe, Occupational Therapist

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