Bathroom chair for seniors and disabled

It can feel like a great defeat to suddenly be hit by a disability because it implies that your sense of independence is reduced in many situations. 

There is much dignity associated with managing personal care yourself, and that dignity can be lost when a disability occurs. 

That’s when bath aids for seniors and the disabled can help on the road to regaining independence and dignity. This aid may well be a VELA chair.

Person sitting in a VELA chair at the bathroom sink

Regain your independence

VELA Bathroom chair

That’s why a bathroom chair for the elderly and disabled is a great idea

A bathroom chair for the elderly and disabled from VELA is designed with ergonomics and function in mind. A chair for the bathroom has benefits that most people with disabilities can significantly benefit from. 

First of all, a VELA chair has smooth-running wheels, so you can easily “walk” or push yourself into the bathroom while sitting down. The wheels are big enough so that rolling over tiles is not a problem. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

With a VELA chair, your balance is secured with a stable brake, so you can concentrate on what you see in the mirror. Tilt the seat forward so that you get closer to the mirror to see better when shaving or applying makeup. 

Engage the chair’s brake first, then raise or tilt the chair forward. This supports you in a semi-standing position, with the chair supporting you at all times. Use your arms and upper body more safely, and feel safe and stable during personal care.

Get better balance with VELA bath aids for disabled

A bathroom chair for seniors and the disabled is particularly suitable for moving to and from the toilet because the chair has armrests and a solid brake. 

Once the chair’s brake is locked, you can raise and lower the chair by simply pressing a button until you reach the desired height. You can feel completely safe because the chair helps you keep your balance.

Around the house with a

VELA chair


Challenges when you have a disability

Some widespread consequences of disabilities include reduced strength in the legs, arms and back, or a poorer balance. These are all functions we use when visiting the toilet – and that means it can be difficult for a person with a disability to go to the bathroom without help. 

Getting to and from the toilet can be a challenge. Bathing can be a challenge. It can be hard to stand at the sink, brush your teeth or shave – and it can be challenging to get into the bathroom at all.

A bathroom aid boosts independence

Getting a chair for the bathroom makes it easier to move from chair to toilet yourself or from chair to bath chair. In this way, you can manage your personal care yourself, which means you don’t need others to help you do it. 

A chair from VELA can meet many of the challenges you have in your everyday life.

Bath aids for disabled

Using a VELA chair for the bathroom, you can walk the chair very close to your bath chair or bath bench, engage the brake and lower the armrest. This makes your transfer to the bath chair safer and more manageable. Push the chair away before turning on the water. 

The secure brake, and the possibility to lower down the chair, also allows for foot baths, shaving your legs or foot care because you can safely lean forward in a stable chair. 

The mobility chair also has armrests, ensuring you don’t fall to the side.

It makes getting dressed much easier

A chair as an aid for the bathroom has armrests that give you optimal support when you need to get dressed. Hold on to an armrest and lean to the side while putting on your shirt or trousers. 

Getting dressed is not something you only do in the bathroom – which is why you can also use the VELA in the bedroom.

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