Stroke-related disability and recovery: A chair makes the difference for Charlotte

Over the past few years, Charlotte has been affected by several blood clots that have now resulted in her having hemiplegia on the right side of her body.

This has meant that she now lives in a disability-friendly apartment with her children, one that is adapted for her rollator and wheelchair. 

Selv-reliance despite stroke-related disability - walk the VELA chair while sitting down - outlined

A fantastic chair for stroke recovery

Four times a week, Charlotte gets help with various practical tasks at home. Due to the stroke and hemiplegia, she has difficulty walking and can only walk short distances using her rollator. 

Hemiplegia requires rehabilitation. And with a stroke chair from VELA, Charlotte has a much easier time being active, as she can move around the apartment while sitting and train her skills throughout the day as a part of her recovery.

Rehabilitation after a blood clot dictates that you only train and use your body to the extent the body allows it. 

To avoid straining herself, Charlotte was given a VELA chair with a low backrest. The chair was good for Charlotte, but she needed more flexible support in the back and lumbar region, so she got another backrest.

Selv-reliance despite stroke-related disability - sit low to fill the dishwasher

Why an ALB backrest is excellent for Charlotte and her stroke-related disability

The ALB backrest from VELA is a unique backrest, where the backrest and lower back support are split in two. Charlotte is given support and relief for both the lower back and pelvis when she activates the lower back support. Furthermore, the upper part of the backrest always provides optimal support for Charlotte’s back.

I sit really well in the chair. The backrest provides excellent support – both in the kitchen and when I sit at the dining table and eat or use my iPad. It also provides great support when I want to rest my back and lean back a bit.

The ALB backrest supports Charlotte where she needs it, and it allows her to adjust the support to different situations during the day.

Fatigue after the stroke – Charlotte needs to conserve her energy

It’s no wonder that Charlotte easily tires over the day. Fatigue after a stroke is completely normal. The fatigue often comes from the fact that people in Charlotte’s situation suddenly need to spend a lot of energy doing basic things.

So the body tires extra quickly and needs recovery.

With a stroke chair from VELA, Charlotte now gets support to cope with basic chores at home. Thanks to the chair, she can conserve her strength throughout the day because the chair relieves her.

See how a VELA stroke chair can help you at home

Independence at home

A good stroke chair is worth its weight in gold

Chairs from VELA are made to help people with stroke disability. This means that the VELA chairs can be made in different ways because people are different. 

On Charlotte’s chair, for example, all the adjustment handles are found on the left side of the chair so that she can operate them all by herself, despite her hemiplegia on the right side of the body. 

The chair is great for stroke recovery, and she uses her chair for meals, kitchen activities, and many other situations at the dining table. Being able to sit in an upright position here is of great benefit to her. The VELA chair helps her do this – and she can easily shift her sitting posture when she needs to.

Selv-reliance despite stroke-related disability - walk the VELA chair while sitting down

Charlotte can walk the chair around

A stroke often requires rehabilitation and recovery. Therefore, it is a benefit that Charlotte can use her body, even though she now sits down for most of the day. 

A VELA mobility chair has four smooth-running wheels placed in each corner of the chair, leaving plenty of room for the feet. This means that Charlotte can “walk” the chair around the apartment while sitting down, keeping her body active.

It’s easy to walk the chair between the kitchen and the dining table, and my VELA chair doesn’t take up as much space as the wheelchair.

Furthermore, the chair also gives her stability and security when she needs to get up and sit down. Charlotte got a chair that really changed her everyday life.

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