Disability and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation covers the measures that can give people with disabilities, or those at risk of losing parts of their functional ability, the best possible conditions for participating and being as independent as possible in everyday life.

VELA Tango chair with brake independence when cooking

A VELA chair for different needs

VELA makes chairs that support elderly rehabilitation and rehabilitation for people with disabilities. VELA chairs help users lead an everyday life that is as independent and meaningful as possible. 

There may be many different reasons why you need a rehabilitation course. That’s why our chairs are based on the individual’s needs, to help where it benefits the most.

VELA makes various chairs for disability and rehabilitation, and there are several aspects our chairs can help with: 

Good energy management

Help with better balance

Greater daily mobility

Fall prevention

Manage your energy better

People with disabilities can have many daily challenges when performing basic tasks. These challenges are often related to them having to spend a lot of energy on getting dressed, cooking or just moving around at home. 

Energy management is, therefore, an essential part of disability and rehabilitation. 

With a VELA chair for rehabilitation, you get a chair that supports you when you need it most. You can sit safely and stably in a chair, which can conserve your energy for your daily chores. And that results in you not getting tired in the same way as before.

Disability and elderly rehabilitation: What can you do about poor balance?

Rehabilitation is also about getting support and being stable so that you can do as much as possible yourself. For example, with mobility chairs from VELA, you can get an aid that helps with balance. The chairs have smooth-running wheels, with room for your feet to walk your chair around. 

The VELA office chair has a central brake, activated via a handle. The brake ensures that people with poor balance get help from the chair to achieve a stable sitting position, making it safe to do various things at home – like cooking, light cleaning or doing the laundry. 

Chairs from VELA are aids that both support and compensate for a lack of strength in the legs, just as they support elderly rehabilitation. 

Selv-reliance despite stroke-related disability - sit low to fill the dishwasher

Rehabilitation following a brain haemorrhage or blood clot

When we talk about rehabilitation, independence is vital. As a result of a brain haemorrhage or blood clot, you may experience both paralysis and difficulty walking. Suddenly, cooking or just getting around your own home can be a big challenge. 

These consequences may mean that you need outside help. However, with a VELA chair, it is possible to be independent in everyday life, despite a brain haemorrhage or blood clot. 

A VELA disability chair with wheels, brake, and electric raising/lowering function can mean that you can cook again or even put on your clothes.

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That’s why fall prevention is a good idea

A fall can have a significant impact on people who already have a disability in the body. Fall prevention is, therefore, an essential part of rehabilitation. 

A chair from VELA helps create a secure foundation for you, as it has armrests that surround you and prevents you from falling. 

Furthermore, the VELA chair’s electric raising/lowering function and wheel brake can form a safe platform when you need to move to and from your chair. Using a chair as fall prevention creates the best possible conditions for a successful elderly rehabilitation process. 

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