Supporting everyday tasks

Over the past couple of years, Charlotte has experienced multiple blood clots, causing paralysis in her right side. After several periods of rehabilitation, she has moved into a new, disability-friendly home with plenty of space for her and her children.

Charlotte manages most tasks independently but gets help with grocery shopping and jobs around the house four days a week. The paralysis means that Charlotte has difficulty walking. While she can walk short distances with her walking stick or rollator, she relies on her manual wheelchair and scooter.

At home, the wheelchair is limited in its flexibility and functionality. But now Charlotte has a new VELA chair to support her during everyday tasks around the home. For example, when the chair brake is on, Charlotte is secure with both hands free so she can empty or refill the dishwasher. Using the electric height adjustment, she can raise or lower the seat at the touch of a button to reach high and low cupboards. She can even reach the sink to wash the dishes manually. The height adjustment also helps Charlotte get out of the chair more easily and safely from a standing instead of a sitting position..

An easier everyday life

Charlotte loves her VELA chair. All the controls are located on the left-hand side so she can adjust the chair despite her paralysis. She uses the chair at mealtimes, during other activities at the dining table, and for kitchen tasks where an active, upright position is needed. Charlotte can easily adjust her sitting position, receiving good support from the unique ALB backrest when she leans back into a resting position. With the easy-glide wheels, she can move freely around her home while sitting in the chair.

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What Charlotte says about the VELA Tango 500 with an ALB backrest

  • The chair is great for sitting in. The support for my lumbar and upper back is great and easy to adjust.
  • I have a comfortable sitting position – the backrest provides fantastic support, both in the kitchen and when I’m eating or using my iPad at the dining table. It also provides good support when I want to give my back a rest and lean back.
  • The backrest is easy to adjust, thanks to the control on the left-hand side. The placement of all the controls on the left-hand side means that I can still use my good arm.
  • It’s easy to ‘walk’ the chair between the kitchen and the dining table, and the VELA chair doesn’t take up as much space as the wheelchair.
  • It’s easy to brake. The handle is on the left-hand side, so I can easily brake when I stand up and sit down. I can get into my wheelchair with no problems.

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