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Arthritis comes in many different forms and degrees, but it all causes severe pain in bones, muscles, and joints. Medical treatment can relieve much of the pain, and exercise and a healthy diet are also effective against rheumatic diseases.1

Chronic pain in the body can be associated with much discomfort and limitations at home, work, or school.

Safe cooking without burning yourself on the saucepan by using a VELA chair with a brake

An arthritis chair can meet several needs

In a global context, arthritis is a widespread chronic joint condition that affects more than 500 million people, equivalent to 7% of the global population.2 At VELA, we make chairs that help people with arthritis cope with the challenges they face daily. These can include poor balance, difficulty walking, pain in the legs, back and arms, and issues when using the hands.3

VELA chairs are developed with a focus on individual adjustments and ergonomics. As a result, our chairs help with many of the challenges posed by arthritis. That is why a VELA chair has:

Smooth-running wheels so you can push yourself/walk around while sitting on the chair.

Electric raising/lowering function, which is easily adjusted from the armrest.

Ergonomic and supportive adjustment of the armrests, backrests, and seat makes the chair fit you perfectly.

A solid brake function, which offers safety and security when you need to perform a task.

Therefore, you can get an arthritis chair to help you in your everyday life and adjust to your needs.

Is it possible to work when you have arthritis?

A work chair from VELA is not only a good arthritis aid in the home. It can also help you in your workplace and ensure that you reserve enough energy to do other things than just work. 

In other words, work and arthritis can coexist just fine. An energy-saving arthritis chair provides the best conditions for performing your job, despite having arthritis. 

Even if you have a disability resulting from your arthritis, you can still manage your work in the vast majority of cases. A VELA chair can undoubtedly help you with that.

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Increased mobility with arthritis aids

Arthritis can mean that the body tires more quickly. An arthritis chair can offer a high level of relief concerning your everyday tasks. It allows you to have more energy to spend time with family and friends, for example. 

VELA mobility chairs is an aid that relieves your body. Our arthritis chairs come with smooth-running wheels that quickly align in the direction you are moving in. You can walk or push yourself around while sitting in the chair as you can lower the seat.

In that way, you can get around on your own, and the increased mobility gives you more independence.

Greater safety in the best armchair for arthritis

Our arthritis chair comes with a solid brake that offers security and stability. Therefore, you can be sure that the chair will not roll away from under you when you get up or sit down in it.

The chair’s electric raising/lowering function also helps you get up, so you do not have to expend unnecessary energy, which enables you to avoid pain.  

In addition, the chair has good, stable armrests that provide support and comfort. This best armchair for arthritis also supports you when you move, e.g. to a bed and when you need to get up or sit down. Armrests can be outstanding support if you have back pain or if your body is tired after a long and challenging day.

Comfortable chairs for people with arthritis: Ergonomic sitting position

With a VELA independence chair as an aid, you get the best armchair for arthritis with a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position that minimises strain on your joints.

Using the VELA chair as an alternative for activities that are typically performed standing for extended periods can help you avoid joint strains and conserve your energy for other activities. This is particularly useful for activities such as washing dishes, peeling potatoes, or preparing vegetables at the kitchen table.4

You can adjust both the seat and backrest on our chairs to suit your needs and give you support where you need it. 

In short, an arthritis chair gives your body a well-deserved break.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Independence at home

Personal story – living with arthritis

Sitting down and reaching low in a safe way with a VELA chair

Lilly’s story

Now I enjoy cooking for several days at a time, and it makes a world of difference that I can peel the potatoes myself. A good diet is important when living with arthritis – and doing the work also builds up an appetite.
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Where do you need the chair?

Reduce your pain and feel more secure

Arthritis can be associated with severe pain that can be more or less constant. Therefore, our chairs are also available with user-friendly electric controls, which reduces the risk of your pain getting worse. 

Individuals with arthritis typically experience joint pain and brief stiffness after rest or inactivity, especially in the hands, knees, hips, neck, and lower back.5

Electric height adjustment can save you from bumps and jolts, and the seat lift makes it easier to get up and sit down in the chair. 

An arthritis chair offers increased comfort and alleviates pain. It also means that fatigue will not set in nearly as quickly.

Good handles for arthritis 

People with arthritis may have less strength in their hands or crooked fingers, making it difficult for them to operate the handles usually used to adjust our chairs. That is why we have some unique handles that are easier to use if you have arthritis in your hands and fingers. 

They are larger and easier to grip when the brake needs to be locked, or the seat needs to be adjusted.

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