Independent living for the elderly and disabled adults

A VELA chair supports you in your daily routines so you can live a more independent life.

A chair with wheels and electric functions offers you help in many situations without requiring a remodelling of your house.

Elderly in a VELA Chair

Stand up with a VELA chair

A chair for independent living can help you stand up, for example, when getting dressed or if you need to switch to a different aid such as a rollator or walker.

If you often experience dizziness when you stand up or spend a lot of energy getting to your feet, a VELA chair can help you. You will come to a standing position in a safer way while using less energy – giving you the benefit of saving your energy for the essential things in life and lowering your risk of falling due to dizziness at the same time.

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Independent living & mobility equipment

A mobility chair can support you long before you might think you need an independence aid in your life. A VELA chair has a subtle look of an office chair; it has valuable functions such as the handbrake and an electric lift.

These features take it apart from other chairs in your house: the brake offers you safety when getting in and out of the chair or working at a table. The electric lift saves you energy every time you would otherwise use your leg strength to lift or lower your body. It might even enable you to reach higher up than you would be able to from a standing position – so you can reach the top shelves without getting help.

Do the dishes yourself despite arthritis with a VELA chair

Preferred aid for independent living

For most of our users, the VELA chair is their preferred aid in their everyday lives. It helps them do household chores independently of others and reach a higher degree of self-reliance.

Lilly is one of them: She is especially fond of the electric lift, which gives her a much larger reach than she ever had before, with her mere 142 cm. With her independence chair, she is no longer dependent on help from others when cooking her dinner and doing the dishes.

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Regain your independence with a

VELA chair


Less equipment for independent living

A multi-functional chair can replace more than one aid for independent living. Instead of having several independent living care products that each serve one specific purpose, you can use a VELA chair to assist you in several situations throughout the day.

Naturally, the chair supports you while sitting at the dinner table or a desk. However, it also helps you while brushing teeth and shaving in the morning, playing with your children or grandchildren in the afternoon, and cooking dinner in the evening.

Aid for the elderly living independently

The first step towards independent living for seniors is getting the right aids for self-care. An independence chair supports you in helping yourself with many tasks throughout the day: The VELA chair can even help you do your laundry.

The independence chair with wheels and handbrake for seniors will be your trusted partner at home from sunrise till nightfall: Use it to get out of bed and let it support you when going through your morning bathroom routine. Many daily chores you would previously do in a standing position you can do seated with a chair for independent living. This way, you can preserve your energy and get around more safely.This is the best product for independent living for seniors.

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Assisted living

Independent living for disabled

Regaining independence despite a disability can be full of challenges. Let a VELA chair help you handle some of them: we build the chair to your needs, so it fits your body and supports you in your daily chores. The seat and backrest should fit your size, and functions are controlled manually or electrically depending on your need for assistance. Typical for all VELA chairs – regardless of the individual configuration – is the handbrake.

The handbrake is a key feature of the independence chair: It ensures that you have a stable base for all your activities, so you are supported in case you lose balance or need something to hold on to when standing up or reaching out for something.

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