A Meywalk gait trainer for adults

People who cannot get up or stand independently due to disabilities can benefit significantly from a VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults for several reasons. The user is supported when moving to a standing position. Still, a gait trainer can also offer support for rehabilitation and improving the adult user’s quality of life in general. 

Gait trainer for adults - VELA Meywalk - Rehabilitation with an OT

An adult gait trainer helps you with:

Movement and training

If you sit in a wheelchair daily, it can be good in terms of both physical and cognitive abilities for you to stand or walk in an adult gait trainer. 

Allows the user to be at eye level with others

Strengthen social relationships in a standing position where you are eye-level with others instead of looking up. 

Stimulates the body’s functions

Standing up strengthens the muscles, the gastrointestinal system and the cardiovascular system. Therefore, an adult gait trainer can have a positive effect on the body. 

Fits you perfectly

You can adjust the Meywalk gait trainer for adults to fit you, so you get support where you need it – and it is safe, stable and comfortable. 

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A gait trainer trains your physical and gross motor skills

The VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults is made for people with limited or no standing or walking function. For example, people who usually use a wheelchair and need help and support to stand or walk. 

A gait trainer can help adult user to improve their physique and motor skills. This means that the user can make good use of their abilities and go from having no standing function to being able to stand independently or from being able to stand to practice walking.

Movement is essential

All human beings need to move their bodies. Movement can be important for maintaining as well as improving physical and cognitive ability. A VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults allows the user to stand in a good and upright way. It helps improve circulation and movement in the organs and promotes open airways and better breathing. 

Movement, activity and interaction all have a significant effect on human well-being and the development of cognitive and social characteristics. Therefore, a gait trainer is an essential aid for those with no gait function – regardless of age.

An adult gait trainer gives the benefits of being at eye level with others

If you have never experienced it yourself, it can be hard to imagine what it is like to meet other people when they are standing, and you are always sitting or lying down. If you use a wheelchair, it can be difficult to make eye contact with standing people, which can limit equal conversation or interaction. 

With an adult gait trainer, wheelchair users can be at eye level with the people they are communicating with, making it much easier to participate in social activities while supporting the body’s fine motor skills and physique.

Standing upright improves the quality of life

With a VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults, the user can be at eye level with other people, contributing to a well-functioning social life. Studies also show that a standing position is beneficial for the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Standing up contributes undoubtedly to a better quality of life – both physically and socially.

A VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults can be adjusted as needed

A VELA Meywalk gait trainer for adults can be adjusted in different ways to accommodate the individual user’s needs. The walking frame has a body ring that supports the upper body, which you can change in height to provide support where it is needed most. Perhaps you need support near the armpit or just around the waist. The support is highly dependent on how much control and strength the user has in their upper body. 

The person has 360 degrees support so that the VELA Meywalk gait trainer provides security when you stand and walk – and the support is both safe and comfortable. 

An adult gait trainer relieves and supports the user to avoid unnecessary energy and force being used to stand and walk. Instead, the user can focus on being able to participate socially at eye level with others.

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