Sit to stand chairs with electric lift

At VELA, we make chairs that help people with disabilities to have a better and more independent way of life. Disabilities often have a big impact on how you live your life. We want to contribute to a good life. 

Get help getting up with a sit-to-stand chair from VELA

Chairs with electric height adjustment – a sit to stand chair

In many respects, chairs with electric height adjustment can be an important aid in everyday life, as they can impact your mobility, balance, and not least your independence.

Electric height adjustment can be an advantage if you have pain in your hands, cannot tolerate twisting your body, or if you experience dizziness when you bend over. 

The electric height adjustment is also suitable for those who need the chair to raise and lower without a bump, e.g. if you suffer from a back disorder or pain.

An easy get-up chair can help you with following

An electric lift chair can give you the freedom to handle daily tasks without any help from others. In addition, it can help with:

Sitting down and standing up.

Getting around the home while sitting down.

Good comfort and ergonomic support.

Many of the above points are easy to handle by people without disabilities, but if you have a disability, you may struggle in this respect. That is what can make everyday life difficult.  

An easy get-up chair with electric height adjustment offers the opportunity to push your disability into the distance, as you can extend your energy for a longer time and do more of the things you enjoy.

Stay mobile with lifting chairs 

A chair with an electric lift means that you can adjust the chair to the height you want to sit at by the touch of a button. The fact that you can easily and effortlessly adjust your chair to suit your activities gives you a greater degree of freedom. 

The chair has four smooth-running wheels located at each corner, and there is plenty of room for your feet. This means that you can lower the chair seat so that you can “walk” or push the chair around in a completely safe way. The wheels cannot turn in front of your feet and increase the risk of you falling. Read more about preventing falls here.

If you previously have been prevented from getting around your home, you can now get from A to B without difficulty. Safety and mobility lead to freedom, our mobility chairs with an electric lift can offer just that.

Reach new heights with electric lifting chairs

You can easily lower the seat, but you can also raise it. That way, you can safely reach the upper cabinets without having to put your trust in your condition that day or your balance. 

You can simply apply the brake to the wheels to maintain your stability and balance. 

You can benefit from applying the brakes and letting the chair help you from sit to stand. You can then step onto the floor while being supported by the seat. This can give you the reassurance you need, and you can avoid the sudden dizziness that can occur when you get up too fast. 

With an electric lift chair, you can reach the same height sitting down as you could standing up.

Independence leads to a better quality of life

A lifting chair can make cooking, personal care and other necessary activities much more effortless. In practical terms, getting a chair with an electric lift is, therefore, a good idea. 

This is not the only benefit of a chair like this. By doing more daily tasks yourself, you also become much less dependent on the help of others. 

A VELA lifting chair provides independence and autonomy. We think that is a human right.

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