A special needs chair for children in the classroom

A special needs chair from VELA helps children and young people to increased participation and better learning in school

Special needs class - get the help you need with a VELA chair

VELA chairs for your children with special needs help like this:

Safety and security throughout the day

The child always sits safely and stably and a special need chair – both when seated in the classroom doing schoolwork and when it is break-time, and it is time to get up from the chair or sit down – this is ensured by an easily accessible handbrake.

More independence

The child can change the chair’s height up and down to different table heights via the electric lift. It also helps the child to get up and sit down on the chair independently.

Increased concentration

The Special needs chair from VELA contributes to increased concentration in the classroom in connection with learning and activities with a supportive, stable and comfortable seat with armrests.

Better support and comfort

The chair’s adjustment options create optimal conditions for an ergonomic sitting position with support and comfort. The footrest also provides grounding and good stability for children with special needs.



The child can safely get in and out of the chair independently because of the wheels and handbrake.

Just stay seated

It is easy to help the child get around safely and calmly, e.g. up to the blackboard or another classroom.

Safety above all

The child can operate the chair’s brake and always sit stably and safely at the school desk or other activities.

Easy-access up/down function

The child can easily change the seat height up/down to suit different table heights or activities by a simple press of a button.

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Personal stories

VELA Tango 100ES for school

Muscle weakness in children – how Ashley got help

Ashley was born with several disabilities that challenge him in everyday life. He has reduced muscle tone, which means he has difficulty walking and keeping his balance.

VELA chairs have smooth-running wheels that allow Ashley to take the chair with him to various different rooms at the school. When he arrives, he locks the chair with the brake, sits down again and adjusts the height of the chair to the table.

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VELA chair for children at home or in school

Elizabeth’s story

The chair enables Elizabeth to access learning at tables of different heights, and will move through her education with her.

Since having this chair in school Elizabeth has been able to access lunchtimes with her friends by sitting at the table with them and also using the cafeteria style system.

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Sit well in a special needs chair for better learning in the classroom

Going to school is demanding for all children and young people, not least for children and young people with physical or mental disabilities. The child must sit still for a long time, do schoolwork and concentrate.

A special needs chair at the classroom desk helps the child better find calm, pay attention and focus. The proper special needs chair provides the best possible basis for the child’s learning and participation in the classroom.

Adaptive seating makes a big difference for children with or without special needs

A good sitting position is a prerequisite for good learning of mental and motor skills for all children. And in learning situations, a good sitting position is crucial.

Adaptive seating for special needs in a VELA chair that follows ergonomic principles enables movement and flexibility while a good sitting position can prevent tension and stress – which is a growing problem for children and young people in school.

I can do it myself!

Those words are often heard by parents – also if you have children with special needs. A special needs chair from VELA offers many opportunities for children and young people to do things themselves in the classroom. For example, the child can change the chair’s height by themselves, so it becomes easier to sit down and get up and adjust the chair to different table heights. 

Why does my child need chairs for children with special needs?

Many parents ask themselves, “why should my child have a special chair when they can sit on a regular chair?”. The answer is that chairs for children with special needs can provide the proper support and comfort, making a massive difference for children with special needs. In addition, they have the best conditions for learning and participation.

Unlike many seats on wheels, a VELA seat allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user whilst seated. The High – low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life.

Children and young people with achondroplasia have benefited from VELA seats in more ways than one. They are able to participate in everyday activities within the classroom, the dining hall and Science labs independently.The seat is discreet and because of its technology has a degree of kudos which can appeal to young people.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I have always thought of VELA Seating as the ‘go to’ seat to take a child through their entire Education from Reception to College.

VELA Seating ensures people with restricted growth are not restricted in life.

Ann Cunliffe, Occupational Therapist

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