Chair for visual impairment and blindness

At VELA, we have many years of experience with chairs to aid people with various disabilities. We create our chairs based on a thorough knowledge of ergonomics and disabilities such as blindness and visual impairment.

Visual impairment - blindness and a VELA chair - working from home with a disability

Choose a VELA chair with these features for visual impairment

The VELA mobility chair is an aid for the blind and visually impaired and typically has:

A secure brake so you can get up or sit down safely.

Sturdy armrests create a boundary around you when you sit and support you when you get up and sit down.

Smooth-running wheels, so you can walk the chair around while seated.

Electric height adjustment, so you can safely adjust your seat height.

Extensive controls that are easy to find when you need to adjust the chair.

These elements can make things easier despite visual impairment.

The central brake ensures stability and mobility

The central brake is essential when it comes to stability and mobility living with visual impairment. Our chairs have four wheels that are located in each corner and are directionally stable. In that way, you always know where the chair’s wheels are, and you will not knock your feet against them.

The brake is effective, so once applied, you can be pretty sure that the chair will be where it needs to be. This provides stability when you need to move from the chair to a bed, sofa, bath or vice versa.

Choose a visual impairment chair with armrests

When you need to move from the chair, having armrests is beneficial. Armrests offer support and safety, but they can also help you orientate yourself to where the seat is located when you need to sit down. 

In addition, the armrests form a boundary around you, and that provides security when you sit in the chair. 

Once the central brake is applied, you can safely put your weight on the chair’s armrests when you get up and sit down, without worrying about whether the chair will roll away from under you. It won’t. 

If you have a balance problem or lack strength in your legs, the chair can also help you stand up safely and securely.

Personal stories – Living with visual impairment

Visual impairment - blindness and a VELA chair - living with a disability

Aileen’s story

This chair is amazing. I feel so safe in it, and it’s a pleasure to be able to move from room to room with ease. It also has the advantage that I get to train my legs while I walk the chair forward.
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Chairs for visual impairment and blindness increase mobility

If you have a visual impairment such as blindness or reduced vision, your home office often has to be adapted to your needs. It also means that a chair from VELA will fit quite nicely into your home. 

The VELA chair has four smooth-running wheels, which roll easily across the floor unless you have applied the brake. This means that you can “walk” or push the chair around while sitting down – a mobility chair for visual impairment offers increased mobility in your everyday life.

Electric height adjustment is important: Use as an office chair for visual impairment

Our chairs feature electric height adjustment. We recommend electric height adjustment when it comes to chairs for people with blindness or visual impairment. With a touch of a button, you can easily change the chair’s height.

Remain seated in your office chair with brake and electric lift while you change the seat height with the touch of a button. That way, you can sit safely, even when you sit high. It also means that you can always be at a good height for the task you need to perform, whether it is emptying the dishwasher, reaching the top shelf in the fridge or getting comfortable behind the office desk at work.

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Assisted living

Optional large controls

We create chairs for people, and we can tailor your mobility chair for visual impairment. You can order chairs for the blind and visually impaired with extra-large control knobs, so you can easily find the one you need to adjust the backrest. 

At VELA, you can get a chair for visual impairment adapted to your challenges, offering you the best possible help in your everyday life.

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