Energy conservation technique: This is how a VELA Chair contributes

Energy conservation is about how best to distribute your energy over a day. For people with disabilities, having the proper energy conservation technique can be very important.

Person conserving energy by walking in VELA-chair

Energy conservation to prevent fatigue and pain

A VELA chair can help relieve your body during daily activities, and it can have a big impact on how to prevent fatigue during the day. Optimise your energy use for the activities you need to do, and spend the surplus energy on activities you want to do – because pleasure-based activities provide joy and good quality of life.

We make mobility chairs that help people with disabilities. The degree to which an individual needs support and relief varies, and therefore so do our chairs. However, all our chairs help with energy conservation to prevent fatigue. This is what you get:

Energy for more everyday activities.

Prevention of fatigue and less pain.

Better balance between activity and rest.

Energy for pleasurable activities.

Lower risk of falls and overexertion.

You may not be aware of your energy conservation technique and what it means to you. Yet it is something most people can work on in their everyday lives to have energy left at the end of the day. Our disability chairs have many different functions that can reduce your overall energy spend.

Create a balance between relaxation and activity

Disabilities can be associated with pain, and pain is exhausting. Therefore, we recommend that you remember to take regular breaks to not burn all your energy at the beginning of the day. 

Of course, we also recommend that you use your VELA chair to relieve and help you in as many situations as possible during the day. Energy conservation technique is about spending your energy on the right tasks. A VELA chair can help with that.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Independence at home

Remember to adjust the chair’s height

A chair from VELA has an electric lift, which means that you do not have to use energy unnecessarily when putting plates in the dishwasher, reaching a jumper at the top of your wardrobe or brushing your teeth. 

You can simply raise or lower the chair seat so that the seat height best suits the activity. 

The electric lift can also help you stand up. Apply the brakes on the chair and gently raise the seat height until you can step on the floor. Let the chair support you while you regain your balance. 

Energy conservation is about spending minimal effort on routine activities that your disability limits – so you have more energy for other things.

Good energy conservation techniques: Save energy all day long

Our office chairs for disabled adults have smooth-running wheels that allow you to “walk” the chair around while seated. This uses less energy than walking around. In addition, the chair has a central brake that is easy to use, giving you a stable foundation when you need to do something or move from the chair. 

You can easily tilt the armrest to move from the chair to a bed or similar – this will save you a lot of unnecessary effort. 

You can therefore conserve your energy well and save it for other purposes.

We have a chair for all ages

VELA chairs

Prioritise your efforts

Energy conservation can have a significant impact on your self-esteem, your zest for life and your ability to socialise with others. This is because when your energy has been spent on ordinary tasks, it means that you will not have enough energy to, for example, spend time with other people. 

Perhaps you do not have the energy to cook, do handicrafts or socialise with your friends and family. 

A chair from VELA can not only optimise your energy conservation – but it can also contribute to independence, self-esteem and much more energy for leisure activities.

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