VELA nominated as Danish Exporter of the Year

VELA's new adjustable push bar promotes a better working posture for the staff when the user needs to be moved or transported in the chair.

VELA A/S has through a strategic focus and innovation experienced a growth in its exports from 2014-2017 of 89 percent.

The growth was fueled by expanding existing business in the rehab area and through the development of two new business areas, Medical and Vermund where the core products are respectively seating solutions for hospitals and clinics and design furniture.

In addition, VELA has had a sharp focus on a few specific selected markets, which are machined in depth in several of VELA's business areas and segments.

The company has had a strong focus on developing new products and through focusing on markets and development of new business areas worked innovatively to expand its position in the market.

VELA work closely with colleagues and companies in all three sectors and regularly attend relevant export promotions.

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