Let a VELA chair be your mobility walker at home

It is not unusual to see a rollator or a walker in the townscape, as they support the elderly and many people with disabilities when walking.

A rollator or a walker can support you on your trip down to the grocer’s, to your local shop or on other errands. Yet even with good support and security while walking, you may be tired after a trip to the supermarket.

Finding the clothes in the wardrobe by using a VELA chair with electric seat height to get reach

What can a VELA chair do for you?

If your energy does not last the whole day, it may be time to consider whether you should get yourself a VELA chair. It can be a great alternative to an indoor rollator.

At VELA, we make mobility aids for people with disabilities – and our chairs are made to help and support you as much as possible in your own home.

A VELA chair can give you all the benefits of a mobility walker and more. You can be active and cook, or you can have a well-deserved break whenever you need it.

A VELA chair can help you in many ways that a walker cannot.

The benefits you get from a VELA chair vs a rollator or walker:

It safely helps you from A to B while sitting down.

It is height adjustable so that you can reach the top cupboard and the bottom drawer in the dishwasher.

It does not require strength or energy in the same way that your rollator does.

It is comfortable to sit in.

The chair has brakes so you can feel completely safe.

A VELA chair is a great aid that can make your home life more accessible and less strenuous. The chair should not necessarily be seen as a replacement for a mobility walker.

But it can help you do more things you love.

Regain your independence with a

VELA chair


Save your energy

If you spend your energy wisely, you can do more things you love. For example, you can use your VELA chair for home-based activities and use your mobility walker when you are out and about.

You can do the same things in your VELA chair as you can with an indoor rollator. You can activate the brakes and move around safely. VELA chairs also offer a smart electric lift function to expand your reach further up and down. You always sit safely and comfortably and with good support for your back and legs.

Use your chair instead of a mobility walker for practical chores

Sit down in your comfortable chair. Lower the seat and move the chair around using the smooth-running wheels.

When you sit in your VELA chair, you can use it to transport small things. E.g. the tray of afternoon coffee you want to serve your guests or the basket of laundry you do not have the strength to carry. Place it in your lap and “walk” the chair to your destination.

If you have been out shopping with your rollator, you can sit in your VELA mobility chair and let it function as an indoor walker when you get home. You can then unpack your groceries and put them away while recovering in the chair.

Adjust the height of your chair

One feature of a VELA chair that an ordinary walker lacks is adjusting the seat’s height. This means that it is always easy to electrically adjust the chair’s height to suit your activity – just push the button.

Adjust the seat height to fit your body, so you sit safely and comfortably. Lower the chair and reach the lower cabinets or raise the chair so that you can put things in the refrigerator – even on the top shelf. It is easy and safe.

This feature can also help you stand up. When you press the button, the chair rises softly, and you can stand up safely and securely.

And there are more benefits for you.

Greater comfort in the home

When using a VELA chair as an alternative indoor rollator or walking frame for the elderly, you get a comfortable seat cushion and excellent back support. This gives you a good level of comfort that you would not have with a walker with a hard seat that can be difficult to sit on.

Therefore, you should be able to relieve your body in your own home and make use of a VELA chair. In fact, the VELA chair can help you save your energy right from you wake up in the morning.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Independence at home

Easy to move to and from a VELA chair

It is easy to get in and out of a VELA chair. It has a solid brake for when you move to and from the chair. You now have a stable chair that will not roll away from under you when you need to get up or sit down. Use the chair’s armrests for extra support and safety. 

If getting out of bed in the morning is almost a workout itself, let the VELA chair help you: When you need to move from a bed to the VELA chair, you can tilt the armrest to give you better access. You can also lower the seat height to lighten the transfer. You can also get to your rollator easily.

A VELA chair can help conserve your energy

Our VELA chairs support you in many more ways than a walker for seniors can.

VELA chairs are made to provide relief and help with daily chores, whereas a rollator is primarily for support when you go from A to B. Therefore, you can use a VELA chair as an alternative to an indoor rollator at home, so you can conserve your energy and do more. The VELA chairs are also known as an office chair with brake and electric lift.

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