Electric recliner chairs with wheels for the elderly

An electric recliner chair with a footrest and a backrest is a popular choice among seniors, understandably, since it invites you to sit relaxed and comfortable for many hours. However, a recliner chair may not be the best – or the only – option for you.

The VELA chair offers many benefits that a recliner chair cannot: It goes wherever you go, it assists you in daily activities – from your morning bathroom routine to cooking dinner.

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An electric chair for seniors: Variety and activity are important

A VELA chair for the elderly supports you in your daily activities at home. For example, can you imagine cooking dinner in a recliner chair? No, right? On the other hand, a VELA chair invites you to sit down while cooking, baking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. In this way, you can uphold your activity level, but with the safety and security of a chair supporting you, so your energy lasts longer.

An activity chair from VELA has many options for adjusting the seat and backrest – you can sit comfortably leaned back, but more importantly: raise the seat height and adjust the seat and backrest to support you when leaning over the kitchen counter. Now you can sit down while cooking your family dinner.

A recliner chair with wheels makes daily chores easy

Unlike most recliner chairs, the VELA chair has wheels so that you can take it with you to all house rooms. This way, you can sit comfortably when watching TV and have a stable and comfortable chair at your disposal in e.g. the dining room.

You can call a VELA chair a recliner chair for the disabled. It is a chair with an electric lift and it has smooth-running wheels that make it possible to get around the home while seated. Another important feature is the central brake, which turns the chair into a safe base while you cook, do minor housework or see to your personal care routine in the bathroom. 

A VELA mobility chair is made for the individual and helps you help yourself. Whether you have poor balance or feel limited by your disabilities, there is a way to make the chair fit your body and needs. It is a chair that goes with you wherever you choose to “walk” it so that it can assist you in many tasks and activities at home.

The best chair for the disabled and elderly

If you have one or more disabilities, it is essential to vary your sitting position for optimal comfort and support throughout the day. That is why we recommend that you use a VELA chair for your daily activities and a recliner chair for when you need to relax and recharge before the next activity.

While a recliner chair is perfect for relaxation, a proper chair for activities is just as important for your well-being in old age. That way, you give yourself the very best conditions for managing a whole day without overexertion. At the same time, you ensure an appropriate amount of activity that is good for your body and health.

Regain your independence with a

VELA chair


The stationary recliner chair

The traditional recliner chair is a stationary armchair that you cannot use for domestic chores. It is the perfect chair for relaxation and recovery after a day of hard work. It is designed for total relaxation, not activity.

A VELA chair can, just as the recliner chair, be adjusted to a more relaxed sitting position, allowing you to take a small rest, for example, after eating dinner.

The best feature, though: You don’t need to get up once you are ready to do the dishes. Simply “walk” your VELA chair to the kitchen to clean up. This is especially an advantage for disabled elderly, for who standing up from a chair demands a lot of energy.

Do you need a longer rest?

A recliner chair invites to relaxation, so use it if you need an extended rest between your activities: Elevate your legs and close your eyes. Then, gather your strength for the next task.

Comfort and assistance in standing up from both chairs

The recliner chair is soft and comfortable, making it an excellent chair for long breaks. The VELA chair is also very comfortable, but it is perfect for activities.

Electric recliner chairs are available with a seat lift to help you stand up gently, and the same goes for VELA chairs. Just press the button, and the chair will help you up into a standing position. That way, you will not have to strain yourself to get up and switch to your recliner chair.

For disabled seniors who have to save valuable energy for the day, the VELA chair helps them do exactly that: save energy when doing things like standing up from a chair, so they have the strength to do the activities that bring them joy.

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Assisted living

One chair does not exclude the other

A recliner chair and a VELA chair are not comparable because they cover different needs and offer two different solutions.

It is always a good idea to change your seating position. Therefore, we recommend the two chairs as a complement to each other. The VELA chair for tasks and activities and the recliner chair for long, much-needed breaks.

One chair does not exclude the other.

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