Chair for herniated disc disability

If you suffer from a herniated disc in the neck, back or lower back, it can have a considerable impact on how you get through a fairly ordinary day. 

We move our backs almost all of the time, which means that a disability in this particular area can cause pain in connection with many different movements.

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Alleviate rapid exhaustion due to disc herniation

At VELA, we make aids for people who have a herniated disc. It is possible to adapt our chairs according to whether you have a herniated disc in the lower back, back or neck – you can adjust the chair to suit you perfectly. 

The chair’s configuration can be tailored to you and depends on where the herniated disc is in your back. It is beneficial to support herniated disc, and you can adjust a chair for herniated disc disability from VELA accordingly. 

Adjusting the backrest relieves the back – it reduces the risk of rapid fatigue. However, constant pain can be exhausting for the body, so it is vital to alleviate a large proportion of the pain you experience daily. 

With a chair for rehabilitation of disc herniation, you can adjust the backrest yourself while sitting down in the chair, which relieves and supports your body.

Living with a herniated disc: Support for disc herniation in the neck

If you are living with a herniated disc in your neck or upper back, you should choose a chair with a tall backrest that can be adjusted. This will support your upper back and offer support from the lower back upwards. 

You can also get a chair for disc herniation in the neck, where you can adjust the headrest to relieve both the neck and head, which reduces pain. Then, as soon as you need to change your sitting position, simply adjust the backrest again.

Disc herniation rehabilitation: Living with a herniated disc in your back or lower back

If you have a disc herniation in your lower back, you can choose a backrest that supports that particular area for a good rehabilitation. We have many different backrests that offer different kinds of support. 

For example, we have developed a very special ALB backrest, which is in two parts and can therefore be adjusted to provide even more support for the lower back. On the other hand, a very small backrest might also be suitable – it all depends on your specific needs.

In addition, you can benefit from using the chair’s armrests as support when you get up or sit down. You can also move the chair forwards using the smooth-running wheels and thus give your body relief.

Do you feel better standing up?

If your herniated disc disability means that standing up is more comfortable for you, you can use a VELA chair to give you support. The chair will offer relief when you stand up and help you avoid tiring so quickly, which can be helpful while you cook or perform tasks while standing at work.

Electric height adjustment

A chair for herniated disc disability can come with electric height adjustment so that you can reach the lower drawers or the upper cabinets while seated. In addition, our electric height adjustment ensures that you do not experience bumps or knocks in your back when you get up and sit down or when you raise or lower the seat.

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