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There are many different causes of obesity. Disability can be a consequence of obesity, but conversely, obesity can also be a consequence of disability.

We make chairs that alleviate everyday challenges at home or the office, and in this case we make chairs that help overweight people lead an easier and more independent life.

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A heavy-duty chair can make life easier

Being overweight can lead to various challenges in life. Our heavy-duty chairs give you:

Heavy-duty electric lift

You can reach high and low without exerting yourself. Such as when you need to reach the top shelves or empty the dishwasher. The electric lift can also help you get up.

Mobility – get around while sitting down

You can walk or push yourself around while sitting down, as the chair has wheels. This means you can save your strength and maybe find the energy to manage more activities.

Safety and security

Thanks to the chair’s handbrake, you get a stable seat from where you can carry out your daily chores such as cooking or laundry. The chair’s armrests provide excellent support while seated or when you need to get up.

Good sitting posture for better breathing

When you sit in an upright posture, you breathe in more air than when you slouch. The chair features excellent adjustment options so that it fits you perfectly.

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Heavy-duty office chairs: Save your energy and get better mobility

Our VELA chairs have four smooth-running wheels that are locked with a central brake. Between the wheels, there is plenty of room for your feet to move. This means that you can ‘walk’ or push the chair around – for better mobility.

The wheels of the chair really help to get you from A to B smoothly. This allows you to save energy compared to getting up, walking somewhere else, and sitting down again. 

Obesity and pain can make it hard to find the energy to go from the kitchen to the living room or move around at work. With a VELA chair, that trip is no longer unmanageable, and you can spend your energy on the chore itself rather than on transporting yourself to it.

Give tired legs a break with a bariatric lift chair

When being heavy-duty strains your legs, you may experience pain if you walk many steps in one day. That’s when a chair with wheels comes in handy. 

The electric lift on our chairs is also beneficial, giving you the right working height to do your chores. The bariatric lift chair with an electric lift is also an advantage when you need to reach the top shelf or reach down to empty the dishwasher. It not only reduces the strain on your legs but also allows you to complete your chore independently. 

You get the best conditions for managing your energy as best as possible during the day, hopefully leaving you energised and feeling up to doing more things. 

The electric lift can also be a great support when you need to get up. Being heavy-duty can mean that you are less mobile and can make you doubt your balance. Therefore, you can lock the chair’s wheels, raise the seat, and get support for your back while you safely find a foothold – the chair helps you stand up. 

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Assisted living

Improve your breathing with the right support

Being heavy-duty can prevent the diaphragm from working optimally. This means that breathing becomes difficult, which is disabling for everyone. 

That’s why our VELA chairs come with support for both the back and arms. The support helps ensure that your diaphragm is given the space and help it needs to keep you breathing properly. Breathing also worsens if you suffer from pain in your muscles and joints – so a good, upright and relaxed posture is essential.

The chair is strong enough for you too

Many heavy-duty people feel insecure sitting in an unfamiliar chair – will it hold? Our bariatric chairs are very robust and reinforced in every way, so you don’t have to worry about whether your VELA chair will hold. It will.

Get around while sitting down

You can ‘walk’ or push yourself around thanks to the chair’s wheels. This means you can get around your home or office and be on the move more. It enables you to perform light cleaning or prepare a meal yourself.

Safety and support when standing up and sitting down

Bariatric chairs from VELA are reinforced to hold your weight. This means that you can engage the brake on the chair and safely push off on the armrests when you need to get up, without having to worry about whether the chair will stay in place or not.

You sit up instead of lying down

Many heavy-duty people lie down for much of the day, as it can be challenging for the body to walk and stand for a whole day – and that helps neither weight nor energy levels. The VELA heavy-duty chair supports and relieves you while sitting down – and your lungs work much better when you sit compared to when you lie down.

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Our heavy-duty chairs are suitable for users from 140 kg up to 300 kg

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