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VELA Tango 310E

People up to 300 kg can maintain/regain the ability to be self-reliant and independent in daily activities at home and through rehabilitation and training.

  • Robust chair approved for a maximum weight load of 300 kg. Resists sudden weight impact if you “bump” into the chair.
  • Electric height adjustment that helps you when you want to get up from the chair.
  • Has a 4XL seat (W: 72xD: 50 cm) and a CX backrest (W: 38xH: 43 cm) as standard

Build a chair

You can configure this chair with various seats, backrests and accessories to fit your needs.

Build a chair

Users up to 300 kg can now become more self-reliant using a robust VELA chair

This means that it will be possible to mobilize and be more active in everyday life without unnecessary fatigue. The user can push/walk around, seated, as the chair has wheels, and at the same time have a stable, safe chair with a hand-operated brake. Electric height adjustment helps the user to get up and sit down and easily change the seat height.

Obese users can mobilize themselves from a bed or chair into a safe and stable chair with a brake, which makes it easier to carry out activities. The VELA Tango 300/310 series is very robust and can be used for activities at home, at work, and during rehabilitation and training.

The user can breathe more easily and ensure oxygenation of the blood with an upright sitting position. Legs, knees, and hips are also relieved by performing the activity while sitting, which results in less muscle/joint pain and less fatigue. It is possible to push/walk the chair around while sitting and be more self-reliant in various activities, e.g. cooking, and thereby prevent immobility.

It is safe to get up and sit down, using the sturdy armrests on a secure, braked chair. There are also good conditions for comfort, as seat height, backrest, and armrests can be adjusted according to the user’s physique and need for support.

Electric height adjustment can be used as an aid to get up and allows to adjust the sitting height for different activities at the touch of a button. In that way, the user can save energy during the day.

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ModelVELA Tango 300VELA Tango 300EVELA Tango 310E
Maximum weight load200 kg.200 kg.300 kg.
Electric height adjustment

Product video

Standard upholstery on the chair: Renewed Loop

The innovative textile Renewed Loop, developed by the Danish textile manufacturer Gabriel, is made from upholstery remnants. This approach supports a fully circular economy by eliminating waste and reusing resources.

Renewed Loop is made from 100% recycled polyester, containing 3-10% textile waste, and is fully recyclable. This textile meets the most demanding standards for quality and design, ensuring a long lifespan and excellent performance.

Cleaned by vacuuming, professional cleaning or wiping with a clean, wrung out cloth. To preserve the fabric’s attractive colour and appearance, we recommend regular vacuuming, preferably every week, with a soft fitting.

The textile is certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and the EU Ecolabel for its environmentally friendly production.

The colours shown below are always in stock. However, if you would like other colours, this is possible if you accept a higher cost and an extended delivery time. Contact your dealer to inquire about the possibilities.

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Black 60999
Dark Grey 60341
Light Grey 60339
Blue 66260
Green 68285
Dark Red 64264

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