Assistive technology for mobility impairment and walking difficulties

At VELA, we create assistive technology products for mobility impairment. A disability that causes walking impairment can mean daily challenges in even the most basic chores and tasks at home or in the workplace. 

Person walking using the VELA-chair

What can you do about reduced mobility and walking impairment?

We make assistive technology for people with a walking impairment who struggle to get around by themselves (reduced mobility).

There are many different reasons for reduced mobility and walking impairment. It may be due to an accident, disability or age-related illness – and there is no single answer as to what can be done to alleviate your mobility problems. 

Some need rehabilitation, while others need relief. Our chairs for people with walking difficulties help you become more mobile, which can be crucial in both cases.

The VELA chair has: 

Armrests that provide good support when you stand up and sit down.

A central brake that provides stability and safety during activities.

An electric lift that makes it easy to raise/lower the seat height and helps you stand up.

These three functions help make everyday life a little easier, despite reduced mobility. Therefore, our chairs can help ensure you do not tire as quickly, and this means you have more energy for the things you love. 

If you cannot walk or stand by yourself, we also have gait trainers for both children and adults.

Get a chair with armrests for mobility impairment and walking disability

Our chairs for mobility impairment have armrests. The armrests can be used, for example, as support when the user needs to get up or sit down in the chair. In addition, they offer stability and comfort when the user is eating or performing various activities while seated. 

If you have a mobility impairment, you may benefit from using a chair from VELA. Our chair has four smooth-running wheels that allow you to “walk” or push the chair around while sitting down – and there is plenty of space for your feet between the wheels.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Independence at home

Safety from the central brake

If you have difficulty walking, it often means that you need to be able to support yourself when you move around – and sometimes even when you are standing still. A VELA chair has a central brake that offers stability and safety when applied. When the brake is not used, you can move around safely while sitting on the chair.

The central brake provides the safety and security you need, as the chair will be completely still when, for example, you get up or sit down. The brake also offers safety when you need to move from your bed to the chair.

Assistive technology with an electric lift helps in the home

The chair helps you to manage daily activities at home or work. The sit to stand electric lift allows you to reach the lower drawers or the upper cabinets without strain or risk losing your balance – you can sit safely and securely.

The raising/lowering function can help you when you need to get up. Apply the brake, raise the chair and slide forward on the seat so that you can gently step onto the floor. Use the stability of the chair as support while you find your balance.

Be independent despite reduced mobility

Good assistive technology for people with walking difficulties can mean more self-help in their own home, despite reduced mobility. The reduced function may mean that extra help is needed to perform housework or personal care. 

Mobility chairs from VELA can eliminate the need for extra help in many cases because you can do more yourself. Getting an office chair with brake and electric lift from VELA often mean that you do not need nearly as much help as before. That creates a wonderful feeling of independence and autonomy.

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