How a chair can help a child with ADHD

ADHD used to be a diagnosis that was not well understood, and not much was done to remedy it. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Three sizes of a VELA therapy children's chair

Chair for children with ADHD

Today, there is a lot we can do to help a child with ADHD handle its diagnosis. With the right help, everyday life with ADHD can be much better for these children. 

Security, grounding and boundaries are three essential ingredients in the recipe for a good ADHD aid. A chair from VELA can offer all of these.

Teaching, guidance and support

There are lots of initiatives that address the issues experienced by people with ADHD. Three main symptoms characterise the diagnosis: 

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsiveness

Having undiagnosed ADHD can be frustrating. This is because the child cannot benefit from the many aids and measures available. 

A special needs chair in the classroom can provide greater peace of mind so that children and young people can better manage their schooling or other activities.

Help to get around by using a VELA Therapy chair with a pushing bar

ADHD chair creates boundaries

Impulsivity can be challenging to control, but an ADHD chair offers children and young people a chair with armrests and good support from the backrest and seat. Combined, these are worth their weight in gold, as they create a confined space, which helps the child with ADHD remain calm. 

The armrest mimics a type of enveloping, secure hug that allows them to concentrate for a while and push their impulsivity into the background. With an ADHD chair, it becomes easier to focus on the homework you want to do.  

Using a VELA chair with a brake when playing the piano

How can an ADHD chair stimulate the senses?

It is perfect for people with ADHD to have their senses stimulated in a controlled way. It leads to increased concentration. A pediatric activity chair from VELA can be adjusted in many different ways to adapt to the individual child’s needs. 

A VELA chair has a shaped seat and a good backrest with upholstery of the highest quality, which gives the child support and helps create calm in both body and brain. This sense of calm is often an effective treatment for concentration difficulties, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Where do you need the chair?

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Activity chairs for restless children

We can easily teach our children that they can achieve whatever they want, even with a diagnosis of ADHD. Most children are restless by nature, and just a slight extra degree of hyperactivity can be challenging to deal with for a child and their environment. 

Therefore, a VELA chair is a particularly good aid for restless children with ADHD. It helps them maintain their concentration, which is so important for them to learn and store information throughout life.

A grounding chair: Why is it important?

A VELA chair can be adjusted in height, creating the ideal working position for the child using it, whether at home or school. 

The chair has a footplate, and this is perfect for children who cannot reach the ground with flat feet when sitting on the chair. The feeling of firm ground under the feet – also called grounding – is even more critical for children with ADHD.

Grounding creates a sense of calm for people with ADHD, and it is especially good in situations where extra concentration is needed. The footplate ensures that everyone – large or small – can achieve grounding and thus contribute to a good learning environment.

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