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Disabilities can come in many different guises, but typical for them all is that they can be very inconvenient in everyday life. 

If you suffer from lower back problems, it can be challenging to get through the day without pain, which of course, restricts you – both at home and at work. 

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Lower back problems: A chair for low back pain

VELA chairs are known to counteract back pain and lower back pain. Our chairs are based on the individual and their particular needs, meaning that you can set our chairs to fit many different sitting positions during the day. 

Lower back problems are a constant nuisance, affect you when you stand, walk, and sit. A VELA mobility chair can provide the best conditions, so you experience the least possible pain when you sit down. 

Our chairs are great for lower back pain, as they provide support in the places where you need it. 

If you need a low back pain chair, these features are beneficial: 

  • Adjustable low lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat angle

A chair that supports the lumbar region means that you can maintain a good sitting position. When you suffer from low back pain, it is always about striking a balance and finding the right supportive chair to minimise discomfort. 

A seat angle that you can adjust yourself helps relieve you and minimise pain by changing your sitting position during the day. 

Leading ergonomic advice states that “the next sitting position is always the best one”, – and that advice is also relevant when it comes to lower back problems.  

The best sitting position is the next one

Your body will naturally change your posture and position many times during the day to distribute the load more evenly. If you suffer from lower back pain, these movements are extra important, and even small changes are good. 

You can benefit from having both a chair and a stool (link) to switch between, so you sit in different positions during the day. 

Feel free to switch between an office chair and a stool with a saddle-shaped seat that “forces” your body to straighten up, as this is good for your lower back. As soon as you start to feel pain (or preferably before)in the low back, change your sitting position to one where you feel no pain or just minor pain.

If you sit at a desk a lot when you work, you should also switch between working sitting and standing to relieve your lower back as much as possible. We recommend that you stand up once every hour. Remember not to “slouch” and instead straighten up – the standing position is perfect for that.

A brake for extra safety

If you feel unsure about the chair having wheels and rolling away from under you, you can choose a chair with a brake. VELA office chairs have a central brake, which gives you extra safety and stability when seated – and it will never roll away from under you when you get up.  

Varied support is important for lower back problems

You know your own pains and problems better than anyone, and you know yourself which positions are best for you – when to sit and when to stand. 

We have many different backrests to choose from, with varying types of foam and built-in support. For example, our unique ALB backrest can provide extra support in the lower back. Selecting the proper backrest ensures optimal support for the lower back and pelvis, and you will get support in your natural lumbar sway. 

The ALB backrest has adjustable support around the abdomen, lower back and pelvis, which reduces fatigue in the back and prevents you from slouching.

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