98% of users are satisfied with their VELA chairs

This satisfaction survey included 17 users with a VELA chair.

Putting dishes in the dishwasher using a VELA Tango chair - turn

Highly satisfied users

In collaboration with Aalborg University – Department of Medicine and Health Technology, a master’s project was prepared in 2017. The project is looking into user satisfaction for users of VELA chairs with disabilities. The project’s purpose was to investigate what activity problems the VELA chair can alleviate for individuals living at home with disabilities. And how effective the chairs are and how satisfied the users are with the chairs.

98% of users were satisfied with their VELA chair

The satisfaction survey included 17 users who had a VELA chair before the survey. The study was conducted according to the size, weight, adjustment, safety, durability, usability, comfort and efficiency of the chairs. The results of the survey show that 98% are satisfied with their chair. The users were particularly pleased with the chair’s usability, safety, comfort and size.

Significant improvement in the users’ independence

The users identified the following tasks as being the most challenging to perform at home.

Cooking at the kitchen table, stove and oven

Taking food in and out of the fridge

Dishwashing at the kitchen sink

Empty and fill the washing machine and dishwasher

Cleaning – dusting

Desk work

Ironing clothes.

After 2-4 weeks using a VELA chair, all users were asked if the chair improved their ability to perform the tasks. The results showed that the VELA chair significantly improved individuals independence and ability to perform daily tasks in and around the home.

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