New push bar – for a better work environment

VELA’s new adjustable push bar promotes a better working posture for the staff when the user needs to be moved or transported in the chair.

Push bar for VELA chairs

Better work environment

The primary purpose of a VELA chair is to increase activity, mobility and independence for the user. The user can sit in the chair and “walk the chair around” over short distances, e.g. between the kitchen and dining room. But the user can also benefit from the push bar as support if they need to push the chair over shorter distances on their own.

The push bar is a very good tool for the care staff or the relatives. It facilitates the movement and transport of the user in the chair e.g. at home, at nursing homes, at hospitals and in training facilities.

The push bar is easily mounted in the fitting under the seat – and can easily be removed completely

The push bar is easily adjusted in height, angle and depth to suit the individual’s height and needs

The height is easily adjusted in 12 intervals (50 cm) by pressing the buttons on the side of the push bar

The push bar handle can be folded down when not in use

The push bar can be ordered fully assembled on all VELA Tango chairs, or it can be mounted on the chair as an accessory.

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