A VELA Meywalk gait trainer for children strengthens the physique

Physical challenges can come in many different forms, ranging from developmental delays to severe physical disabilities, and several of these can result in an inability to walk.

At VELA, we offer pediatric gait trainers for children as young as 12 months. Standing and walking strengthen and maintains the physique of children with motor coordination difficulties. In addition, there is much evidence to suggest that mobility may promote the development of cognitive ability.


A gait trainer for children helps with:

Physical strength and promotes the cognitive ability

Walking strengthens and maintains the physique despite challenges with mobility. 

A good sense of freedom of movement

The child gets the opportunity to experience the world anew, as it becomes possible for them to choose the direction and pace. In short, the child has freedom of movement and independence – despite a physical disability.

Easier interaction with other children

With a pediatric gait trainer, the child can be at eye level with other children, which is good for self-esteem and encourages interaction. 

Better circulation and digestion

When the child stands up and moves around instead of lying or sitting, their body works entirely differently. In that way, the child’s muscles and bones get exposed to natural loads, and digestion and circulation are activated differently.

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Let the child meet other children at eye level

Children must have the opportunity to interact with and mirror other children. Therefore, it is also vital that children with physical limitations get the possibility to stand up. 

When the child stands in a VELA Meywalk gait trainer, it becomes possible to move around, interact, and play with children of the same age, especially if the activities take place at a table. 

Using a pediatric gait trainer and playing with other children allows the child to develop their physical skills. However, a gait trainer for children provides physical benefits and social and fine motor development. In addition, playing and interacting with other children supports their natural learning – by using their hands and participating in social contexts.

VELA Meywalk gait trainer for children – when you want to get ahead

VELA Meywalk gait trainers have many benefits. For example, you can adjust the seat and the body ring independently, so the gait trainer can be tailored to the child using it. In addition, you can tilt the seat forward. In that way, the child’s gait function gets optimal support, and the gait trainer is also comfortable to use. 

The VELA Meywalk gait trainer for children follows the body’s natural movements because the frame has a good, springy suspension, and it is easy to help the child get in and out of the gait trainer. In addition, as the child grows, you can lower the seat, so they can stand up or sit down in the gait trainer themselves, instead of being lifted.

Our gait trainer for children is suitable for long passageways and for playing around a table. However, if the child needs to walk longer distances, choosing directional rear wheels is good. On the other hand, if the child primarily uses the gait trainer for play, swivel wheels can be advantageous, making the gait trainer easy to manoeuvre.


How VELA Meywalk 4 helped Paloma to her feet

Paloma has difficulties playing with the other children because she does not have a normal walking and standing function. In fact, she cannot walk at all since her legs are not strong enough.

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Why it is essential to vary your posture

The goal of a gait trainer is not necessary to give the child an independent walking function; the possibilities are endless, and it can improve the quality of life in several ways. For example, varying positions, i.e. going from a lying to a standing position, is good for the physique. Still, it is also beneficial for the gastrointestinal system, circulation and pulmonary function, among others. 

In addition, the social interaction made possible by a gait trainer is essential for the child’s well-being.

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