Item no. M014000

VELA Meywalk 4 – Micro

VELA Meywalk 4 is a series of gait trainers designed to encourage self-movement in children and adults suffering from motor disabilities.

This easy-to-use gait trainer provides optimal support to help the user stand and walk independently. The ability to move freely and interact socially at eye level promotes mobility and social participation, enhancing the user’s mental and physical wellbeing.


  • VELA Meywalk 4 stimulates and supports the body’s natural pattern of movement.
  • User can be standing/walking despite the lack of or reduced standing function
  • Grows with the user thanks to the variable height adjustment of seat and body ring.
  • Versatile and adjusts easily without the use of tools.
  • Easy to separate for transport purposes.

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VELA Meywalk 4 promotes self-movement while stimulating and supporting the user’s natural pattern of movement.

Designed with a dynamic seat and a unique spring system, the gait trainer follows the user’s movements, ensuring optimal weight-bearing. The body ring allows for movement of the trunk while supporting an optimal upright posture.

VELA Meywalk 4 is safe and easy to access. Remember to apply the brake on the gait trainer and use the integrated swing bar to lower the seat, and then the user can relocate to the gait trainer with minimal assistance. The seat is easily raised using the built-in tilt bracket.

The user is not dependent on their forearms for weight-bearing, promoting social participation and enabling the person to eat/drink while using the gait trainer. The integrated hand bar is easily adjusted to fit the user if additional support is needed.

Daily standing in an upright position influences joint development, bone density and muscle strength profoundly So, mobility is maintained, while endurance and balance increase. Developing the ability to stand and walk with a VELA Meywalk 4 vastly improves blood circulation, digestion and respiration, promoting natural appetite, better sleep and overall well-being, which is vital and often a prerequisite for managing others daily activities.

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Product video – VELA Meywalk 4 Small

VELA Meywalk 4 models

Length77 cm85 cm86 cm100 cm
Width51 cm62 cm62 cm68 cm
Inner width42 cm49 cm50 cm57 cm
Seat height 25-45 cm44-67 cm60-84 cm80- 104 cm
Trunk support height52-65 cm74-99 cm101-133 cm120-152 cm
Trunk support sizes70, 90 cm70, 90, 105, 120 cm70, 90, 105, 120, 130 cm70, 90, 105, 120, 130 cm
Weight13 kg25 kg32 kg34 kg
Maximum load60 kg100 kg130 kg130 kg