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VELA Miniwalk – Size 1

VELA Miniwalk is a gait trainer for children with disabilities that affect their mobility. This gait trainer targets children approximately ages 1 – 7 years, and its design encourages movement and promotes the development of the child’s gait pattern.

In general, the earlier the child is stimulated to walk and explore, the greater the chance of achieving a gait pattern. The seat and trunk support of the VELA Miniwalk enable the child to move around safely and independently while building postural strength and stability. In addition, VELA Miniwalk is spring-suspended, which allows the gait trainer to follow the child’s movements stimulating the muscles and helping the child develop a gait pattern.


  • VELA Miniwalk moves up and down with each step stimulating the child’s natural gait pattern.
  • Independent height adjustment of the trunk support and seat allows this gait trainer to grow with the child.
  • Safe and easy to access.
  • Simple and easy to adjust.
  • Made of high-quality materials guaranteeing long life, maximum reliability, and a minimum of maintenance.

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VELA Miniwalk is available in two sizes and fits children at approximately 1-7 years.

VELA Miniwalk has springs, which make the upper part of the frame react to the child’s movements stimulating the child’s natural gait pattern.

The trunk support and seat of the gait trainer can be adjusted in height, allowing the VELA Miniwalk to ‘grow’ with your child. In addition, you select the size of the trunk support based on the circumference of the child’s chest. And the VELA Miniwalk is available in two sizes: 70 cm and 90 cm. Furthermore, you do not need tools for most adjustments.

The handlebar of the VELA Miniwalk is easily adjusted in different angles to help the child balance and gain control of the body.

VELA Miniwalk is available in the colour turquoise and has a wide range of accessories that allow full customization to the child’s specific needs. 

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VELA Miniwalk models

SpecificationsSize 1Size 2
Length74 cm74 cm
Width59 cm59 cm
Seat height 28-44 cm28-62 cm
Trunk support height58-74 cm74-90 cm
Trunk support sizes70 and 9070 and 90
Weight14 kg14 kg
Maximum load40 kg40 kg