A paediatric walker gives Paloma the freedom to explore

Paloma has difficulties playing with the other children because she does not have a normal walking and standing function. In fact, she cannot walk at all since her legs are not strong enough.

A paediatric walker with a seat from VELA provides her with the support and safety she needs. And now she can move around with her friends or explore on her own.


Paloma’s first time in the Meywalk 4

Watch the video of Paloma getting to her feet for the first time using her walking aid. Her smile says it all: Paloma is very enthusiastic about her new walker to the great delight of her parents and caretakers.

No gait function due to diagnosis

Paloma has a rare diagnosis, which means that she never will develop a normal gait function. Her legs cannot carry her weight. Until now, she has moved around by crawling – mainly using her arms. In addition, she has a wheelchair that caretakers and her parents can use when going for a walk.

Paloma is a curious girl who likes to communicate with people around her. However, her impaired gait function limits how she can interact with her surroundings and socialize with the other children. When she is sitting or lying on the floor, she cannot reach eye level with others or get an overview of what is happening around her.


A new perspective on the surroundings

It was, therefore, easy to decide to try out if a paediatric walker with a seat would benefit Paloma. And when she first tried the VELA Meywalk 4, it was clear for all; her caretakers, parents, and the therapist alike, how much joy and benefit Paloma gets from her new aid.

When Paloma stands in her gait trainer for children, she has obviously never been used to seeing her surroundings from a standing perspective. She looks around curiously as she either walks or runs in her walker. In fact, her eagerness is so big, that she only wants to leave the walker once she gets tired.


Freedom to go her own ways

Now, after only a few weeks with her new walker, Paloma is choosing her own ways – because she can. As she goes for a walk, her curiosity draws her towards a particular room where a group of children are playing ball. Paloma is clearly drawn by their voices and laughter, and as soon as she has found the source, she effortlessly approaches and looks intently at the children playing.

It is new for Paloma to be free to decide in which direction to move. Before, her participation in activities were limited as she was getting around by crawling. Her only alternative was to get around in a wheelchair, aided by caretakers or her parents – not being able to decide for herself where to go. With her new paediatric walker with wheels, Paloma can seek her own path independently of helpers. She just needs assistance getting into her walker, and off she goes.


Easy entry and exit with a
VELA Meywalk 4

A walker from VELA helps Paloma carry her weight as she walks, and the suspension seat follows her movements. This anterior walker supports Paloma in a way, so she can easily go in any direction and grab the handlebars if her balance fails. Another benefit from the VELA Meywalk 4 small is the brackets that secure Paloma in the walker: since she is not fastened with straps and belts, she is not limited in moving while walking.

Paloma’s parents and caretakers can easily help her into the walker by lifting her onto the seat and closing the safety brackets. As Paloma grows, the VELA Meywalk grows with her because the walker is easy to adjust in seat and handlebar height. Thus, she can enjoy her new walker for many years.

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