Adaptive equipment for little people and dwarfism

At VELA, we make aids for people with various disabilities. Dwarfism can lead to daily challenges that you can improve with a chair with many great features. 

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Choose a chair from VELA: Adaptive equipment for little people

VELA has made chairs for people with dwarfism for many years, and there are many ways the VELA chair can help people in everyday life. Our chairs are adapted to the individual. Read what adaptive seating for little people can mean for the school day.

Dwarfism can be associated with several different challenges. Which challenges become issues depends a lot on the individual. However, there are specific functions and benefits of our adaptive equipment for little people that can make your everyday life easier. 

A chair for dwarfism offers:

Electric lift for changing the seat height

Footplate for support and grounding

Supportive armrests

Extra comfort and support

Testimonial from an Occupational Therapist

VELA Seating in one sense is Occupational Therapy on wheels. The seats can be configured in endless combinations to satisfy every requirement.

Being in eye height with the friends with a VELA chair - outlined
As Occupational Therapists our role is to enable and promote independence and of course every person with achondroplasia we support is individual.

Unlike many seats on wheels, a VELA seat allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user whilst seated. The High – low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life.

Children and young people with achondroplasia have benefited from VELA seats in more ways than one. They are able to participate in everyday activities within the classroom, the dining hall and Science labs independently.The seat is discreet and because of its technology has a degree of kudos which can appeal to young people.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I have always thought of VELA Seating as the ‘go to’ seat to take a child through their entire Education from Reception to College.

VELA Seating ensures people with restricted growth are not restricted in life.

Ann Cunliffe, Occupational Therapist

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Height adjustment – a helpful aid in everyday life

Dwarfism can cause a variety of issues, and for many, it can be associated with pain. Electric lift chair requires just a single press of a button to go up and down – and you, therefore, do not need to strain yourself when you move to and from the chair.

You can raise and lower the seat height as you like, and therefore reach the top shelves of the refrigerator. At the lowest setting, it is easy to get in and out of the chair. The electric lift runs quietly up and down, and it does not result in any unpleasant jolts or bumps.

A footplate provides support and stability

For people living with dwarfism, we recommend a footplate to support your posture when you sit down. A footplate ensures grounding and stability, whether your seat is high or low.

Being able and participating with a VELA chair

Get a chair that is adapted to your needs in relation to dwarfism

We can adjust your aid to your exact requirements. We have a wide selection of different seats and backrests, with varying types of foam and side supports – for both adults and children. 

This means that you are always sure to get a seat and a backrest that fits perfectly.

A VELA chair is a popular aid for dwarfism, as it allows you to adjust the height of the chair yourself so that you can sit at the right height for your daily tasks. Read how Elisabeth uses her VELA chair at school

A chair that fits your needs

Dwarfism often means that the bones in the arms and legs are short compared to the upper body’s length. This can cause difficulties if you need to sit in a regular chair. 

Our chairs can be tailored to you, with armrests at just the right height, giving your arms and shoulders optimal support. 

The proper support can also relieve and minimise pain in the body, as we believe that comfort is an important parameter when making a helpful aid for dwarfism.

A comfortable chair is essential for your body

A VELA chair is a chair you typically use for many hours every day and many different tasks. Therefore, it is also crucial that you sit securely and comfortably in the chair and meet your needs. 

Our chairs have an adjustable seat and backrest, so you can easily change your sitting position and still get good support. 

It is essential to be comfortable when seated to avoid any demanding or unnecessary effort from the body. In addition, our chairs give your body relief, thus avoiding rapid fatigue.

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