A VELA chair for an everyday life with autism

A diagnosis of autism is often associated with challenges that can be difficult to reconcile with ordinary daily life. Regardless of whether this everyday life involves school, a job or being at home.

Children living with autism using VELA chairs for school

Everyday life with autism when having a VELA chair

It is important to use a chair for autism that can make the daily routine easier to manage. VELA chairs offer just that, supporting people with various forms of disability. 

At VELA we make chairs for children with special needs that can help encourage concentration and provide a sense of security and calm, which many people with autism need.

VELA chairs offer different configuration options, which means you can configure the chair to support you where you need it most. Get help for autism with these benefits of a VELA chair:

The chair can be locked, thereby offering a sense of calm.

It provides good comfort, fixed boundaries and can encircle the user.

The seat and backrest designs provide an excellent and well-supported sitting position.

VELA chairs are height adjustable.

It creates boundaries and offers calm for the senses.

Adjust the armrests and the seat height

The inherent challenges associated with the autism spectrum cannot be generalised, but calm is almost always an essential element in making everyday life work for people with autism. Autistic aids, such as the VELA chair, are designed to contribute to this sense of calm. 

For example, you can adjust the armrests to feel safe and secure while sitting in the chair. Armrests help create a space within a space that delimits and encircles people with autism and provides a sense of calm. 

Our pediatric activity chairs do also have a raising/lowering function, which means that you can use it in many different situations throughout the day – both high and low. Among other things, it allows you to adapt the chair to different table heights at school or in the workplace.

Where do you need the chair?

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Encourage grounding with a footplate

People with autism can benefit from a VELA chair with a footplate, especially if it is difficult to put your foot flat on the floor. Many people with autism need to have good contact with the floor because good grounding creates a sense of calm and provides better conditions for concentration and learning.

Footplates provide optimal grounding and thus optimal support, which is important in school and in many different situations in everyday life where you need to concentrate.

Manage school and autism with an excellent autistic aid

People with autism experience diverse challenges in their lives, but fortunately, it is possible to follow routines and make the daily routine manageable with different adjustments and autistic aids. A VELA chair can contribute to this, for example, at school because it creates boundaries and a space for learning. 

The VELA chair offers calm, support and comfort. In addition, You can even move the chair from room to room and adjust it to suit the table where you are sitting. 

The seat and backrest provide optimal support in a sitting position and can be adjusted as needed. Different types of covers are available, which can positively affect the user, depending on their sensitivity and sense of security.

Adjust your chair for autisme as needed

A VELA chair can mitigate or minimise various challenges in the event of a diagnosis or disability, depending on your needs. Therefore, it is possible to find the perfect chair to suit you and your challenges. 

Together, we will adjust your VELA chair so that it supports you in the best possible way in your everyday life.

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