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VELA Tango 510E

VELA Tango 510E is the latest development in chairs with electric height adjustment. In addition to an active sitting posture, the chair provides relief and a good resting position during the day

  • The high backrest and head support combined with a backwards tilting seat provide relief and a good resting position
  • Easy electric adjustment of the seat height allows for high or low work positions
  • The adjustable seat, high backrest and armrests provide a stable and ergonomic sitting position – with good support across the entire back
  • Has a CY seat as standard (B:47xL:49 cm), T3 backrest (B:38xL:50 cm) and T3 head support (B:28xL:16 cm)

Discontinued model

VELA Tango 510E has been discontinued. If you own this product and you need service or assistance, please contact us on +45 9634 7600

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VELA Tango 510 is the latest development in mobility chairs. In addition to an active sitting position, the chair also offers relief and a good resting position over the course of the day, which people with disabilities often need to provide variation and relief from the active sitting position.

In addition to the well-known benefits and options of mobility chairs with wheels, VELA Tango 510 has a high back, neck support and a large tilting seat, which offers the unique possibility of a varied, ergonomic sitting position or relief and rest.

VELA Tango 510 is especially suitable for people with disabilities, as the chair provides the user with an extra degree of safety and stability when performing everyday activities – while at the same time offering good support and relief in a resting position.

The large tilting seat also provides a great deal of variation in the user’s sitting position. VELA Tango 510 can be height adjusted manually or using electric controls. Electric adjustment of the sitting height is especially well-suited to users with diminished strength or limited mobility, enabling them to stand up and sit down without difficulty and avoiding painful bumps and jolts. Manual height adjustment is suitable for users who are able to partially stand up and sit down themselves.

The chair’s broad adjustment potential and its ergonomically-shaped seat and backrest provide the optimal conditions for an ergonomic sitting position with support and comfort when performing a variety of activities. All features can be easily adjusted by the user while sitting in the chair.

Central locking and the stable armrests make it safe to sit down and get up from the chair. With four smooth castors and plenty of room for the feet, it is also easy to get around the home unassisted.


High back and neck support

combined with a large rear tilting seat provide relief and a good resting position

Adjustable seat, high backrest and

provide a stable and ergonomic sitting position – with good support across the entire back

Stable frame and central locking

provide extra safety when the user is getting in or out of the chair

Easy adjustment of sitting height

either using the gas spring or electric controls, provides the option of a high or low work position

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Standard upholstery on the chair: Phoenix

Phoenix is a quality textile from Camira in 100% polyester. Its wear resistance is 100,000 Martindale, and it is characterised by an excellent resistance to wear, breathable and comfortable.

Clean with a clean, wrung-out cloth, possibly with pH-neutral soap.

The colours shown below are always in stock. However, if you would like other colours, this is possible if you accept a higher cost and an extended delivery time. Contact your dealer to inquire about the possibilities.

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Black YP009
Dark Grey YP046
Light Grey YP081
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