Leg amputation rehabilitation: How Solveig gets by

Solveig has had her right leg amputated above the knee. Despite her leg amputation disability, she has always been willing to take care of herself. Therefore, she has gone through rehabilitation that has been very rewarding for her, as she has worked hard to reclaim an everyday life.

VELA chair for leg amputation at home - outlined

The right aid can make a huge difference to leg amputation disability

With the right attitude and targeted training, it is possible to have successful rehabilitation after a leg amputation. However, there will often be issues and changes to the daily routine that Solveig cannot solve by training alone.

That is why Solveig got a disability chair for adults, and it has given her back much of her independence. Now she can handle most things herself.

Due to the leg amputation disability, Solveig can only stabilise her body with the help of her left leg. Supporting your body weight on one leg for extended periods can be hard on both the body and the leg.

Solveig’s VELA chair ensures she does not tire unnecessarily. With the help of the chair’s smooth-running wheels, she can “walk” the mobility chair around while seated – and she can get where she wants to go. However, she needs to move around her kitchen freely, as that is where she is particularly keen to manage on her own.

Independence is vital for most people with a leg amputation disability

I have strength in my arms – so I can manage

The rehabilitation after her leg amputation has improved her upper body strength. The chair has helped her the last bit of the way. 

She wants to be independent, which is why her home is tailored to her exact needs. There are wide doors, no thresholds, and room for the chair legs under both the kitchen table and the stove.

The VELA chair has allowed Solveig to become more mobile

Solveig no longer gets tired when moving from the living room to the kitchen. She just walks the chair forward with her left leg while she is seated.

For example, when I want to go to the living room, I lower the seat so I can walk the chair forward – the chair runs smoothly. I put the things I need in my lap, and then I roll into the living room

She still sits in her chair even when she is not using it to walk around the home because it gives her the proper support for most of her activities. She even solves crossword puzzles and watches television while sitting in it. 

It is essential for her to easily and efficiently adjust the chair for the activity she wants to do.

One feature, in particular, is worth its weight in gold

The VELA chair helps her conserve her energy during the day, despite her leg amputation disability, but another function is crucial in Solveig’s daily routine. She can adjust the chair’s seat in height, which helps her with many tasks in the home. 

I used to burn myself on the oven all the time, whenever I needed to take something out of it. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now I raise the chair to the oven, and that means I do not burn myself on the edge of the oven door.

No more wet sleeves

In addition, she uses the height adjustment to do the dishes. Before getting her VELA chair, water always ran down her sleeves because she had to sit lower than the sink. 

With the electric lift, she simply raises the chair’s seat to have her hands above the sink. That means she does not have to reach up. She experiences less strain – and no more wet sleeves. Rehabilitation after leg amputation is vital.

When I did the dishes, water ran down my sleeves – but now I can be at the right level at the sink, which means I don’t get wet sleeves anymore

Solveig can easily cook and wash up again now, all thanks to her VELA chair.

Where do you need the chair?

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This chair is amazing. I feel so safe in it, and it’s a pleasure to be able to move from room to room with ease. It also has the advantage that I get to train my legs while I walk the chair forward.
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I can’t stand up and talk to someone for more than a few minutes. If you haven’t experienced challenges with balance yourself, it’s really hard to comprehend how much it dominates everyday life.
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