Make your daily life easier with a chair for muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a condition with many different facets and resulting disabilities. Therefore, each aid must be based on the individual’s need for support and independence in relation to muscular dystrophy’s challenges.

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Chair for muscular dystrophy: How can it help you?

At VELA, we make chairs for people with muscular dystrophy. They meet your needs and help with the challenges you experience in your everyday life. We create chairs for people, and the various customisation options mean that we can make the chair fit you as an individual.

We want to help you live a good life with muscular dystrophy.

As a rule, our chairs can: 

Increase mobility and range

Provide stability, support and comfort

Offer security and safety

Reduce pain

To get the most out of your muscular dystrophy chair, we take into account several different aspects, all of which will help decide which chair you should have. 

We consider your height, size, and level of function, but we also consider your primary issues and how your chair can compensate and support you – there are many options hidden in a VELA chair. 

First, we want to hear about you – then we make your chair.

Life with muscular dystrophy – The VELA chair helps you from sit to stand

People with muscular dystrophy often have reduced muscle strength in the hip and thigh and need to stabilise the standing position by stretching the knees. The electric lift helps you get from sitting down to standing up, so you need less muscle power to sit to stand, as you can “slide” down from the chair when the seat is high and get a solid foothold.

The chair serves as solid support, and the armrests give a secure platform for your hands, so it is easier for you to come from sit to stand with the electric lift despite muscular dystrophy.

A life with muscular dystrophy can be associated with many daily challenges. Therefore your VELA chair for muscular dystrophy must be easy to use while at the same time relieving you in the best possible way.

A central brake as an aid for muscular dystrophy

Some days are better than others, and the body feels the same way. Therefore, you cannot always trust that your body will do what your brain asks it to do. Our chairs with a central brake are, therefore, a good aid for people with muscular dystrophy.

The central brake provides:

Good stability when moving

Security in case of reduced balance

The central brake locks the chair’s wheel so you can sit securely and safely when performing your tasks. The brake also ensures that the chair is completely stable when you get up and sit down or when you need to move, for example, from a chair to a sofa. 

The chair’s armrests also offer extra help and support so that you can feel completely safe and secure.

Increased mobility gives you a greater sense of independence

If you struggle to keep your balance when you get up, it can also be challenging to get around on your own at home. A muscular dystrophy chair allows you to sit in the chair and “walk” or push yourself around, as it has smooth-running wheels that follow your movements. 

You can lower the seat height on all of our mobility chairs for disabled, so you have good contact with the floor and thereby can “walk” around with the chair.

Get around your own home while sitting down, and avoid having to ask others for help. At VELA, our mission is to give our users as much independence as possible with our aids for sit to stand movements and muscular dystrophy.

Specialist seating for muscular dystrophy: Easy operation is everything

Helping you to help yourself is important to us. We can therefore adapt your chair to your daily challenges. If your muscular dystrophy means that you have functional impairments in your hands and arms, for example, you can get easy-to-operate handles and switches. You can also get an electric brake if you need extra stability. 

The chair’s simple settings mean that it can give you support where you need it most, which can help alleviate pain.

A chair with an electric raising/lowering function is excellent for people with muscular dystrophy, as it protects your body from jolts and bumps. The chair also helps you to sit and stand up gently and safely. 

A life with muscular dystrophy can be associated with many daily challenges. Therefore your VELA chair for muscular dystrophy must be easy to use and provide relief in the best possible way.

Who is the chair for?

VELA chairs

Get better comfort with a muscular dystrophy chair

A supportive and relieving sitting position is the alpha and omega of sitting comfortably in the chair, despite your muscular dystrophy. 

Therefore, the chair has different types of seats and backrests to suit you and your needs. For example, do you already have a pressure-relieving seat cushion you want to use on the chair? Then we can make the chair with a flat seat so you can use your personal seat cushion.

Independence and more energy for a life with muscular dystrophy

VELA chairs help you to sit comfortably, keep your balance and increase your mobility. You can avoid expending unnecessary energy – and that means you have more energy for other things. 

Getting a VELA chair can help people living with muscular dystrophy with sit-to-stand movements and more energy to enhance life quality. 

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