Special chairs for children with cerebral palsy (CP)

Cerebral palsy – also called CP – is a disability resulting from damage to the brain that can occur in children from the fetal stage until the child is two years old. There is a big difference in how cerebral palsy (CP) affects the individual child.

Child with cerebral palsy sitting in a VELA Chair

Typical daily challenges

As the child’s brain develops, the symptoms of cerebral palsy may change and appear in new ways. As a result, there is a lot of research and knowledge available about children with the condition. Still, many adults must also function daily with CP – regardless of their level of disability.

At VELA, we make special chairs based on the individual’s needs so that you can get help with the challenges that cerebral palsy presents in everyday life. 

We can make the special chair to suit you. This gives you an effective aid for self-help, increased mobility and better well-being. 

As previously stated, there are different degrees of CP, and it develops differently from person to person. The most common consequences of cerebral palsy manifest as decreased muscle strength, poor balance, walking impairment and chronic pain. 

All of these consequences can decrease with a special chair for cerebral palsy.

However, CP can also affect speech, vision and hearing, just as CP can cause ADHD and epilepsy.

Your body and brain are working overtime

Cerebral palsy affects the signals the brain sends to the muscles, and this can mean that the muscles do not obey the orders you give them. 

Therefore CP often results in fatigue or a feeling of exhaustion because your body and brain are constantly working overtime – it requires much more energy to coordinate movements when you have CP. 

A special chair for children with cerebral palsy helps you by supporting you in your sitting position and conserving your energy to last throughout the day.

A cerebral palsy chair provides increased mobility

We do not know all about the brain, but we know that physical exercise always is a good idea. A chair for cerebral palsy provides increased mobility on several levels. The chair has smooth-running wheels with plenty of room for the feet, so you can “walk” or push yourself around while sitting in the chair. 

If you need help getting around while sitting down, it is possible to fit a push bar on the back of the chair, making it easy for others to push you around.

If you have severe CP and cannot walk or stand on your own, you can work on your walking function with a VELA Meywalk – read more here.

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Get support for a better everyday life with a special chair for cerebral palsy

When your balance fails you, daily chores can be challenging. It can be a challenge at home and your school, education, or work. Therefore, you can use a special needs chair in the classroom or a pediatric activity chair at home

You will have support in the form of:

A central brake

that ensures stability when you get up or sit down.


that offer extra support and are giving secure boundaries.

An electric lift

that allows you to sit high or low according to your needs.

A headrest

 if you need support or have many involuntary movements.

An anti-tip bar

if you have involuntary movements and need extra stability.

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An ergonomic starting point for a better sitting position

At VELA, we develop special chairs based on the individual. 

A VELA cerebral palsy chair provides comfort, safety and good ergonomics so that you can achieve the best possible sitting position. The chair means that you do not have to spend unnecessary energy on maintaining good posture. Instead, the chair helps you with that – and reduces the load on your joints. In addition, the chair offers support, comfort and stability.

Special needs: Looking for a chair for a child with cerebral palsy?

If you struggle to keep your upper body in a good, upright position, the VELA chair can provide additional support if you choose a seat or backrest with extra comfort and support. For example, this could be a backrest with built-in body support.

If you have spasticity or lack strength, you can get handles that are easier to operate. 

The VELA chair for people with CP meets your needs – whether you need a chair for a child with cerebral palsy or an adult with cerebral palsy.

What type of aid do you need?

Use less effort and get more energy

VELA creates products that help you to help yourself. We want to improve the living conditions for our users, and therefore you are our starting point when we make your chair.

We want our users to operate and adjust the VELA chair and experience less pain than they do when living without a chair. Less pain means greater well-being and more energy in everyday life.

If you have cerebral palsy, the VELA mobility chair for disabled can help you feel less tired. This means that you can use the energy to exercise, become stronger and spend your energy doing what you love.

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