A chair for back pain is relieving in everyday life

Most people have probably had neck or back problems at least once in their lives. For some, the problems will go away on their own, while others will linger for the rest of their lives. If you are struggling with chronic or recurring back pain, it might be a good idea to get a chair for back pain.

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Problems with back pain: These factors are important

A chair for back pain from VELA can help reduce many of the pains associated with back problems and make the day’s tasks more manageable. 

If you have problems with back or neck disorders, they can be a daily challenge at home and at work. Back and neck disorders cause pain that can make it challenging to get up and sit down, and they may upset your balance. 

A VELA chair can therefore be a benefit for both performing tasks and resting despite back pain.

Back problems can affect both young people and the elderly, and the pain often occurs due to other issues. Back problems can develop over time, so it is important to be aware of several factors when using a chair as an aid. 

  • Both the seat and the backrest must provide optimal support, providing comfort and reducing muscle fatigue and pain. 
  • The seat must be adjustable and angled separately from the backrest.
  • The backrest must be adjustable in terms of angle and height to support the back in the right places. 
  • Do you need extra back support due to pain? E.g. a back cushion with a lumbar pump or our unique ALB backrest, which is in two parts and can provide additional support for the lumbar spine.

Not all of the points above may be relevant to you. We make chairs for many different types of back problems and people, and of course, you will get aid to suit your particular problem.

The best sitting position is the next one

When it comes to problems with back pain, it is said that the best sitting position is the next one. This means that you should remember to change your posture to avoid or reduce pain. Changing your posture also strengthens the back muscles, and most people change their sitting position quite naturally without thinking about it. A mobility chair from VELA offers the best conditions for good support in all sitting positions. 

Therefore, a chair is a good tool for back pain – both at home and work.

Achieve optimal support with an adjustable seat and backrest

When the best sitting position is the next one, it is important to have a seat and a backrest that can be adjusted. That is why our chair for back problems always has adjustable backrests and seats that can be adjusted separately, giving you the best support. 

The chair seat supports the entire seated surface and can be angled forward to give you an open hip angle and an upright sitting position.

We have seats and backrests in different sizes and designs, which means they can fit your needs perfectly. If you need extra support in the lower back, we can recommend a backrest with a lumbar pump or our unique ALB backrest, which is in two parts and can provide extra support for the lower back. 

You can change the chair’s settings when you want to sit differently, and this makes it easy to switch to the next sitting position while always getting good support.

Where do you need the chair?

Using a chair for back pain as an aid can reduce fatigue 

An adjustable headrest and a high backrest can be a good choice if you need to relax and want to avoid tiring quickly.

VELA chairs have armrests that support your arms and shoulders and, at the same time, ensure that you do not lean too much to one side in an inappropriate way. Armrests can also be a great help and support when you need to get up or sit down. 

Our chairs for back problems help you tire less quickly, as they support you when you are seated, thus allowing you to save your strength.

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