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VELA Hip Hop 100

The VELA Hip Hop 100 is a smart chair, especially for the child who often sits and works at a table. This is a special needs chair for the classroom, it’s suitable for most school desks, and its discreet design means that it does not take up much space in the classroom. The central brake provides safety and aids concentration.

The VELA Hip Hop 100 is a smart chair for use at school and at home:

  • The chair is good for children with ADHD, milder forms of juvenile arthritis or CP
  • Good ergonomics, comfort and the option of extra support promote an optimal sitting position, which encourages activity and participation
  • Has an E seat as standard (comes in four sizes) and an E backrest (comes in several sizes and versions)

Discontinued model

VELA Hip Hop 100 has been discontinued. If you own this product and you need service or assistance, please contact us on +45 9634 7600

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VELA Hip Hop 100

One of the chair’s distinctive features is its simple design, which enables children who have difficulty concentrating to more easily maintain focus. VELA Hip Hop 100 has a unique braking system that ensures a stable and directional seat, creating a good starting point for participation and learning.

VELA Hip Hop 100 is a safe activity chair for disabled children. The chair supports inclusion in the case of less severe physical or mental disability, as a good sitting position and a central brake help to focus the child’s attention in school or nursery and at home.

The adjustable features available to the child are limited to the brake and seat height, which is ideal if the child is unable to sit still or is easily distracted in class. This helps the child to stay focused and to participate in group activities and so enhances learning and skills development.

VELA Hip Hop 100 is equipped with four directionally stable, smooth-running castors, enabling the chair to be used as a “walking” aid, for example, if it needs to be used in different classrooms. The armrests and the backrest, the depth of which can be adjusted, ensure a good sitting position, even when very little seat depth is required.

The option to adjust the chair’s seat height, depth and tilt, as well as the back- and armrests, creates the best possible conditions for an ergonomic sitting position that provides comfort and support. The height of the chair is adjusted using a gas spring, making it eminently suitable for children who can stand up and sit down without assistance.


Various seats and backs

can be combined to meet the child’s needs, and
to reduce movement in the case of concentration difficulties, for instance.

A stable base and a central brake

provide additional safety and security, for example during activities or when the child has to stand up.

The chair’s functions are easy to understand

and help with stability and focus.

Option for extra short seat depth and

– as little as 25 cm

Good ergonomics, support and comfort

for the best possible sitting position, which encourages activity and participation.

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Standard upholstery on the chair: Mionetta satch

Mionetta is a microfiber textile from Scancoll in 100% Polyester. Its wear resistance is 35,000 Martindale. It has an excellent resistance to wear and is water repellent. We only use this textile for our children’s chairs.

It must be cleaned lightly with a clean, moist cloth without soap.

The textile comes in two colours.

We offer multiple types of upholstery – see our selection here

Black – 2000
Blue – 2015

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